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Puri Puri Magic
Author: Cabbage Patchkid Submitted: 21st May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 110

Puri-Puri Magic is an arcade/puzzle game where you have to negotiate a rotating wand through a maze.

You will need to have good patience, very good timing, to be skilled with the keys. Also for the later levels, you will have to work out in your head the best way of attacking a gap before you go.
The simplicity of the game, the learning curve and how difficult it is to master the game makes it very addictive.

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Posted by Joshtek 21st May, 2002

Reminds me of that thing, the little wooden box with two thigns to change rotation...I can remember the name.....manderin or something - Why did you put the pass in the screenshot LOL!
Posted by Spug 21st May, 2002

To download the file, copy the URL and paste it into the address field of your browser - or just drag the link up to the address field with your mouse.
Posted by Antonio Barra 21st May, 2002

Nice game, but insanely difficult. I gave up on level 10. I definately don't have the patience for this.
Posted by DBack 21st May, 2002

kuru kuru kururin is the game that this came from. it was supposed to be released here in the US but hasn't yet
Posted by DrJake 23rd May, 2002

i want images before I's download, 5megs is big for a game... I'd like some assurance that its worth the hard drive space;) Upload some!
Posted by Nobuyuki 23rd May, 2002

someone else was doing a clone of kuru kuru, but I forgot who. I think it had something to do with o3 though. It's called TWIG! how original a name -that- is. I think Christian Wiehl has already taken it XD





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