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Sonic Fan Game lib (Volume 01)
Author: Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) Submitted: 28th October, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) on 10/28/2003

Yo some people love fan games and some people hate them . If your one of the people who love them then here is a lib of all the sonic games.

If you want more Just ask
got loads see.. Including Supermario
Never used them myself but there cool

I got lots

Including music

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Posted by J.J 28th October, 2003

Why? Isnt sonic from Sega enough for you?
Posted by realvictory 28th October, 2003

There's no such thing as "enough" Sonic! Face it - Sonic is legendary! Make me more fan games, now!
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 28th October, 2003

hehehehehe The old 2D sonic games were allways the best and with this lib i have made you can carry on the Legendary Sonic
Posted by Blackgaze 28th October, 2003

what do you mean "you can carry on the Legendary Sonic", copyright!
Posted by realvictory 28th October, 2003

If you make games aiming to please everyone, you're probably going to end up with a crap game. There will always be some people who don't like a game, when it's perfectly good.
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 28th October, 2003

true but they still arn't as good as the 2d sonic games
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 28th October, 2003

The 2D Sonic games are great, the 3D ones were the start of my taste in European-style power metal. Pretty good all round.
Posted by Zane 28th October, 2003

nice. tough ill probebly never use them.
Posted by vortex2 28th October, 2003

Most fan games suck, they are almost never as good as the orginal game.
Posted by Paul_James 28th October, 2003

battle for Gamecube out did all Sonic games in the past, but otherwise the sonic 3d games suck compared to the original.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 29th October, 2003

The originals rocked. They were fast, non linear varied bursts of gameplay and creativity that even (towards the end) told vague stories with in game cutscenes. They were satisfying, huge, and rewarded those who persevered: Hypersonic ruled, as did the flying through space level (doomsday zone).
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 29th October, 2003

Posted by JB Blaze 29th October, 2003

ive always liked all the sonic games. It was the first console game i played after playing the commadore 64 for so long. Sonic was always better than mario.
Posted by Zane 29th October, 2003

sonic was the first computer game i played, fullstop. its an all time classic
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 29th October, 2003

Sonic games rule and now you can make your own!!! @_@
Posted by Deathbringer 29th October, 2003

I hated the 3D sonic games, they had people in them! they changed robotnik's name! they made it be set in san francisco! (well it looked like that XD), what happened to the green grass, brown chessboard 'earth' loops and mysteriously unsupported platforms hovering in the sky? XD, ahh well, thank god for Sonic robo blast 2 (a doom-based sonic fangame which is great fun..if hard)
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 29th October, 2003

Posted by Silveraura 29th October, 2003

I love sonic games, pro or click. Keep making them! I can't wait till Sonic Heroes to. :-D
Posted by Strife 30th October, 2003

Hmmm... this is a good compilation of Sonic grahics, but I wish it was more organised. I also noticed that you included enemies from Sonic 3D blast, but you didn't include the 3D sonic! Psh... There have been MANY attempts to create fast Sonic-like platform klik-games. Chris Branch seemed to mimic it with Ballbloke 2. ;) I would try and make a Sonic game if I knew how to make a good enough custom platform movement. ;)
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 31st October, 2003

i'll include the 3d sonic from donic blast in volume 2
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 31st October, 2003

i should have volume 2 ready in about 4 days it includes mario, wario, Donkey Kong and more sonic





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