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Street Life 2
Author: Havoc_22 Submitted: 18th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 73

You play as a guy named tray, just a local gang member. You just gotta go through as him, trying to live and go with whats thrown his direction every day. Whether it be a bank robbery, hookers, money, drug deals, hits, or drive bys...

I know its sorta crappy. It was my second game, and I still didnt know how to set up hotspots and stuff. So some of it will be a little funky. Im proud of it. As I stated before its prolly a little crappy compared to some of the other peoples games on this site, but as far as i can see, this is sorta one of a kind in 2d games. lol thank god.
That was a joke. But for real, take it easy if you feel like trashing it. lol

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Posted by c.j 21st October, 2003

i cant seem to get into the bank seems good though i like the bit where you shoot the man through the window
Posted by Havoc_22 25th October, 2003

yeah.. you gota press either shift or space to get in.. try walking into it while holding either of those keys.. or jstu try being by it, and pressing space or shift... that should work. Sorry about that.
Posted by 24th December, 2003

Were are the classy rpg's like cobra mission in todays world...
Posted by Havoc_22 30th December, 2003

uh....who cares...?
Posted by Havoc_22 9th January, 2004

and its not were.. its where.





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