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Super Mario Rampage 2
Author: FierceDeity Submitted: 4th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 182

Edited By FierceDeity on 10/5/2003

Edited By FierceDeity on 10/4/2003

Yeah, i know the game is very old.. and it was the first game ive completed... but i want to put it on here

Super Mario Rampage 2 features Mario loaded with a shotgun and ready to blast any enemy in sight. There are 5 levels for you to play with.

Screenshot added!!

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Posted by istvan 5th October, 2003

WOW ARE THOSE ORIGINAL GFX? another mario ripoff. ok im gonna actually download this..
Posted by Smeggy 5th October, 2003

Posted by Radix 5th October, 2003

Perhaps you should've fixed one or two things before you submitted it. I don't mind rips, but fifteen minutes of bugfixing now that you're more experienced would have gone a long way.
Posted by Klikmaster 5th October, 2003

"and i was the first game ive completed" lol
Posted by FierceDeity 5th October, 2003

It was the first game i ever finished. So dont ask why its so crap. :(
Posted by Keatonian 5th October, 2003

Well my recycle bin sure is happy :p
Posted by FierceDeity 5th October, 2003

Posted by Pkeod 5th October, 2003

partha banthon
Posted by istvan 5th October, 2003

quite buggy, take Radix's advice. im guessing ur only uploading this to get you more DC points, but if you put a bit of your now more experienced game making skills into this it would prove to be more gamer friendly.
Posted by FierceDeity 6th October, 2003

DC points?! What re DC points? And what do they do?
Posted by renneF 6th October, 2003

they are magic I need some
Posted by Lew 8th October, 2003

Bleh, I say the best way to learn is to make. So just keep making games, but not necesarily posting each one here-send it to some friends, take any critism and change it so its better. If someone says 'Ripped graphics', practice making your own graphics. If someone says 'dont use the default platform movement', look into a custom one etc.
Posted by FierceDeity 9th October, 2003

Nice advice, thanks.
Posted by Zimtower 10th October, 2003

this is a cool game u did a good job on the platforms this game is also very buggy and u need to put a standing position on ur stop movement so it doesnt look like mario is still are some tips1 get rid of the shotgun 2spend more time building a engine(combination of commands to get what u want)3 this game is nere mario like just get rid of the gun and replan ur game.that is it
Posted by Radix 13th October, 2003

I think what he's trying to say is "take out the only element of your game that distinguishes it in any way from all the other ripped mario games." I could be wrong though. It might have something to do with little Timmy and a well.
Posted by otto pinkus torres 26th October, 2003

ok i think i saw this game in newgrounds
Posted by 31st December, 2003

Posted by seth_w 27th April, 2004

It's acyually pretty good!
Posted by FierceDeity 2nd June, 2004

Posted by Joshua M. 28th August, 2004

Hmm... Well it COULD have been a good game. I mean, I like the idea, but the idea isn't worked out very good. Though it has a lot of bugs in it, and the animation isn't that well, it's still a fun game, I think.
Posted by realvictory 14th February, 2005

I don't understand why anyone really cares about whether or not graphics are original. Play the bloody game! It could use photos, scribbles, blocks...but who gives a crap? Think of some of the best games ever made - Tetris, Pong, Chess, Solitaire, Monopoly... no one really complains about the appearance of those. If someone chooses to make their own graphics, then you can rate the graphics on how good they look. If not, you can only decide how suitable they are. If it's a Mario game, Mario graphics are suitable, even if it looks the same as other Mario games. It's not as though people are pretending to have made their own graphics when they haven't. Still, I think it's about time someone makes an original game (that's good). Oh, yeah. The main reason I make games is for DC points! ...What is a "point" and its significance, anyway? I haven't found out yet ;)
Posted by Christophe. 17th June, 2005

Not a good game at all but thats just my meaning. its mostly beacuase i do not like this type of game its so lame all this shooting and stuff. i like the real mario gamez the platform gamez where you got the skillz and the great Created Levels. and i think graphics are very important even in a 16bit or 8bit game you need to polish it to make it look better give it the real style and look :D
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 28th June, 2005

Oh, that was TOO good! Man, I laughed so hard when I saw the intro. My mom says that this game is bloodier than "Halo" -- and she's right, lmao! Make another!





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