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Chocobo Gambling King: Midgar
Author: Sephirenn Submitted: 16th September, 2003 Favourites:1
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 155

Edited By Sephirenn on 9/18/2003

It's here, the game all 4 of you have been waiting for... the final version of Chocobo Gambling King! Come in to race chocobo's in your favorite city!

As the title describes, Chocobo Gambling King: Midgar is a game in which you bet on chocobo races, in none other than Midgar. You'll start out with a breif backround, and then dive into the sport of chocobo gambling. Along the way you'll get to see many races and even a few different venues. Here are some features:
-- 3 different 'themed' sectors to gamble in
-- Multiple races with different chocobos
-- Multiple arenas to watch the chocobo races in
-- A job system to keep you high in the inflow of GIL
-- A banking system that provides GIL as an alternative to jobs
-- Figurines to buy that unlock codes at the end of the game

All this in a game that you can sit down to enjoy and play through in roughly 30 minuites. It may not be a game to keep but it's fun and for the Final Fantasy fan it's quite memorable. I hope you enjoy it to its fullest, and happy gambling!

EDIT: I've uploaded a new version that fixes a small bug in the banking screen\system.

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Posted by Zane 16th September, 2003

This is great fun. I LOVED IT! (though i ran out of money:()
Posted by Sephirenn 16th September, 2003
Rated :

Use the Gilup to get more money... a good strategy is to use the Gilup and get 50 or 100 GIL, then bet it all on a chocobo. Once that is successful you'll have a bit more GIL to mess around with. And also when you get the class c license, you open up a new job, so ten its even faster to get GIL
Posted by Red Crystal 16th September, 2003

LOL - "the game all 4 of you have been waiting for" Downloading now :-p
Posted by Kramy 16th September, 2003

Downloading. Looks neat
Posted by istvan 17th September, 2003

this looks like quibble racing.....should be fun
Posted by Kramy 17th September, 2003

That was fun. I ended up making 2000/race from the bank, and after each race had ~14000.
Posted by Sephirenn 17th September, 2003
Rated :

haha.. yea the bank system was originally set up whn this game was going to have another 3 cities(like midgar).. but since I shortened it I made it so that you can get full use of the bank in a short amount of time
Posted by Marine 17th September, 2003

Propaply will be better than last time!
Posted by Pkeod 17th September, 2003

Although in some areas it lacked I thought it was pretty good!
Posted by Kramy 18th September, 2003

I would enjoy working on a game like this. Try experimenting with different courses(maybe multi-screen + scrolling) if you plan on making a sequel.
Posted by Sephirenn 19th September, 2003
Rated :

thanks pkoed for the review... and kramy, your opinions were actually originally planned, but i cut the project short to the game it is now.
Posted by Sephirenn 7th November, 2007
Rated :

This game rules.... I miss it!!!
Posted by Sephirenn 26th September, 2016
Rated :

Can't believe it has been 13 years since I made this. Still just a hobby developer, but I've moved on to Unity and VR now! This was the first game I finished and released, oh the nostalgia!





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