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Author: Metal Maiden Submitted: 9th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 81

Survival horror/platform game. No, this isn't a fan game or parody of CBS's Survivor series, but it was made during the first season.

For some reason this man is stranded on an island, with know memory of what's going on. Choose the right answers on what to do, do not turn your back! This island is more than it seems...

This game was notorious with my friends because there are so many ways to die! It's fun, I guess, wathing that poor man be impaled by gigantic spikes, or being eaten alive by raptors.

Beware! There are some library grpahics in this game! It was just a fun game to make at the time! Have fun dying!

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Posted by Smeggy 9th September, 2003

This was not rated by ESRB was it? I'd get rid of that logo if I were you before you get into DEEP s**t
Posted by Smeggy 9th September, 2003

As for the game, it is SERIOUSLY buggy which makes it barely playable, the gfx are awfull and the coding seems varse.. 1 word: - BAD
Posted by Metal Maiden 9th September, 2003

No, it wasn't. Like I said, the game was made jst for fun. I know it sucks.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 9th September, 2003

It certainly does suck. Like a lot.
Posted by Smeggy 9th September, 2003






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