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Muncher - Episode I
Author: Chris Hexter Submitted: 25th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 46

Edited By Chris Hexter on 8/26/2003

The first of many episodes to come, Muncher has been a pleasure to develop. Further information can be found on my website (, but ill include the storyline for you here:

Muncher, once Supreme leader of the Planet Lunch, has been imprisoned on the Planet Knife by the evil Snap. Many years had past, and hope for the Munchites looked lost, until one night, Muncher saw a vision of the great Master Scoff. In the vision, he was told that Snap could be defeated if Muncher only had the strength and courage to try.

Muncher listened, and decided at last to take a stand for freedom and peace...

As many of the click community feel that filesize is important, I have submitted the Game-only version here, but the full soundtrack (mp3 format) can be downloaded separately.

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Posted by Tom 26th August, 2003

Looks pretty cool. Downloading...
Posted by Tom 26th August, 2003

Hey that's not bad. It's too bad you didn't make a custom movement.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 27th August, 2003

this game got realy nice 3d graphic, its a big shame the game style is just like all other platformers, and the coding is so simple and mmf'ish i didnt understand the controls at first.. and the joypad option didnt work
Posted by renneF 10th September, 2003

looks good, i'll download later




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