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Astro Man 2 DEMO
Author: Chrisbo Submitted: 4th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 255

Edited By Chrisbo on 8/4/2003

Well here it is, the demo of the game that I've been working on off and on since I finished the first Astro Man. This one sports bigger level areas, a better engine, better graphics, a mod soundtrack, and overall it's way better than the first. So give it a try, you'll love it or your money back, guaranteed.

NOTE - To select an option on the menu, press shift.

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Posted by The Chris Street 4th August, 2003

All that wingeing and moaning on IRC and you STILL get your game on the front page XD Are you happy now dude?
Posted by Shen 4th August, 2003

OoOoOoOoOoOoO nice :)
Posted by RPG4Lif3 4th August, 2003

looks cool...i'll just wait for full game...haha! look at chrisbo's avatar!
Posted by RPG4Lif3 4th August, 2003

"So give it a try, you'll love it or your money back, guaranteed."-Chrisbo I thought this was free. Is it?
Posted by The Chris Street 4th August, 2003

This is great! A lot like Super Monkey Ball and Manic Miner rolled into one. Very very good work.
Posted by TH333 4th August, 2003

Judging from the screenshots its an awsome game but 9.15 megs just aint hitten on me; guess that means the GFX and SFX are probably pretty good, though.... Oh, is that you you in your avatar? i mean, are you the one gettin beat up or the one doin the beating up?(or either of those.)hey, either way, killer avatar!
Posted by Chrisbo 4th August, 2003

Where's my 50 points circy!??! :) Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. The reason the filesize is so big is because there are a couple intro AVI's that I tried to compress the best I could, but they still came out at around 6 megs total. :( Also my avatar is from the movie Office Space, you have to watch the movie to understand fully, but the guy is thrashing on a copier.
Posted by Chrisbo 4th August, 2003

RPG4Lif3 - I was being sarcstic, yeah the demo's free
Posted by Lucas 4th August, 2003

When I press enter to play, it just loads the screen again, and when I press enter again, it goes to "loading". After a few seconds the periods after the word "loading" stop moving and I press enter again, then it goes to the help tab. I press enter again and it goes to the main page again. What is wrong with this?
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th August, 2003

Okay, this game is extremely buggy. When I start the game, even though music plays, it says that there is no MCI driver installed in my system. Use DMC2, not MCI. I hate it when people use MCI! Also, the jump doesn't work correctly. When I jump, I am no longer aligned with the grid. I really hope you didn't use timer events. I REALLY hope you didn't use timer events. I'm sick of them. Sorry if I sounded harsh.
Posted by Chrisbo 4th August, 2003

Lucas - Enter is one of the debug keys I used to skip to the next level. For the menu you use shift to select, I guess I should've made that more clear. Yoshi, if you read the readme file, you will notice it says you need the DiVX codec for the AVI files. I used DMC2 for the music. I didn't use any timer events for the movement, and it never misaligned with the grid in any of the tests, maybe your computer can't handle it?
Posted by Chrisbo 4th August, 2003

I'm uploading a new version with the debug key disabled right now.
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th August, 2003

Of course my computer can handle it. It was made last december. It has 2.7 ghz, and it had GeForce 4. Probably Windows XP ommited a DiVX Codec? I still don't know what's going on with the grid, however.
Posted by Chrisbo 4th August, 2003

I'm not sure what the deal is with the grid issue. Does it happen consistently? It has never been an issue in any of the tests. Also the DiVX codec is non an OEM windows driver, although it should be - it's the best codec for encoding AVI files imo.
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th August, 2003

Okay, it works now. My only question now is that why it goes so slow when it fades. I have a really fast computer and I don't know why fades are going so slow. Are you using multiple fade objects? You should only use one.
Posted by Evil Monkey 4th August, 2003

The MCI Codec still doesn't work though.
Posted by Chrisbo 5th August, 2003

Yoshi, I don't know why it fades so slowly either. When you say multiple fade objects, what exactly do you mean? JD - The falling 3 blocks bit adds to the puzzle factor, so you can't just hop down platforms and skip ladders and such.
Posted by Fabian Jansen 5th August, 2003

Hey Chrisbo ! Great game :-) Good Points ----------- Graphics, Sound, Music, Gameplay, Fun, Idea Bad Points ---------- The Fades ! And sometimes i start with 6 lifes, then with 0 and then i suddenly have 2. But overall a great game - Id give it 85%
Posted by Pixalatio 5th August, 2003

lookin at the screenies the pixelatedness makes it look all Nes like on the title screen :D
Posted by Pixalatio 5th August, 2003

nice :)
Posted by Chrisbo 5th August, 2003

Thanks guys! Yeah I still don't know what's up with the fades. I'm using MMF 1.2. Also Fabian, about the lives, I figured out what the problem was, I forgot to add the code that resets the lives to 10 after the game ends. So basically if you die and then start over, you start with what you had when you left off. Oops :)
Posted by Chrisbo 6th August, 2003

OK I figured out why the fades are chunky. It's because I had some of the direct draw options checked that I didn't need. So there you go. Also I'm going to import the AVI's directly into MMF and just have them as active objects, so there's no need for the external files. Plus it compresses them way better.
Posted by Burfelt 6th August, 2003

Hey Chrisbo Nice to see you are still around. Looking forward to see the full version of this game :)
Posted by Chrisbo 6th August, 2003

Hey burfelt long time no see. Glad you like the game, God knows when it'll be done, it took almost two years to get this demo out :P
Posted by RPG4Lif3 7th August, 2003

Posted by FunkyPapa 8th August, 2003

I'm too lazy to read ALL THESE FUCKING COMMENTS but let me just say what annoys me about this game if i remember along the way. * You can't jump while pressing <- or -> * The techno-feel atmosphere(backgrounds/techno/sidebar with the sliders) doesn't really match the cute/cool spacedude(love him!) and the rest of the "objects" in the game. I would definitevely screw the techno-feel crap and try to match the rest of the already fitting and cool graphic style. Even tho I might have forgotten something here: besides these points you have a good game brewin. I love the energybar, I just dislike how crappin big it is. I love to steer the little dude around, but I don't need some crap in the background screaming in my face while i do it. I think what you have to do is polish it around your original idea that I presume: probably was the gameplay.
Posted by Chrisbo 11th August, 2003

Funkypapa - Thanks for the comments. I wish I could still use those backgrounds but they are a bit 'loud'...I'm going to replace them with something a little more subtle. Thanks!
Posted by NUB 13th November, 2003

I was reaching for the alt+F4 keys nearly as soon as I started playing. You should feel ashamed of yourself.




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