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Counter Strike: Vengeance
Author: mastahacka50cent394 Submitted: 10th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 229

I've been working on this for months, its my pride and joy.
You Counter-Strike lovers will love this. It's a fairly faithful representation of Counter-Strike if it were made in Click.
It still needs a name, the current one is temporary.
Control fires, arrow keys move. Click to choose your weapon. The rest of the controls are mentioned in game.
Installation: Put both files in the same folder, it doesn't make a difference which folder.
If it doesn't work, you might need this DLL. If so, just stick it in the same folder as the executable.

-True to CS Aiming System
-Indepth Storyline
-Authentic Weapons from CS, including Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Sniper Rifles
-Hours of Gameplay
-Fine Tuned 2D and 3D Graphics
-Immersive Multiplayer and Singleplayer
-Currently undergoing VAC support, until then use Cheating Death
-Several Minutes of Pre-Rendered Cut Scenes
-Updates to Come


Review This Download (300kb )
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Posted by Rikus 10th July, 2003

A picture would be nice:)
Posted by Heart Break Kid 10th July, 2003

i will upload one picture as i will download this file ... even the download dosen`t starts :P
Posted by -Messiah- 10th July, 2003

omg some1 did CS omg... im gonna faint! *dunk*
Posted by -Messiah- 10th July, 2003

hey that wasent nice... i hate you :(
Posted by Assault Andy 10th July, 2003

LOL! Nice screeny (click on dl), if that's an ingame shot well then i'm playing.
Posted by Assault Andy 10th July, 2003

OMG! I hope this is a joke. -Andy
Posted by Muggus 10th July, 2003

WOAH GOTY material right here ladies and gentlemen! Even better than Fire's efforts!
Posted by -Messiah- 10th July, 2003

Posted by -Messiah- 10th July, 2003

Posted by Chedich 10th July, 2003

What a sucky game. =), qiet obius(how tha hell does that spell?) that it wasn't a real game. that was 300kb and no screenshot.
Posted by Pete Nattress 10th July, 2003

when will people stop wasting everyones time with fucking stupid joke games? just sod off, will you, you sad little twat.
Posted by Blackgaze 10th July, 2003

lol X) watch your mouth please pete. why is the file named wankton? this i crappy stick bad spelling battle. working months with joy??? HAHHAGHHDJHHFHBN.... BEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. im sorry, but : 1. if this is a joke: GO AWAY!!! 2. This game, u need to study Counter-strike more and TGF. 3. nothing
Posted by Klikmaster 10th July, 2003

Lol, this is quite funny... until you realise no effort was put in. Why dont you try and make a decent game? :p
Posted by Zyko 10th July, 2003

thats the lamest thing ive ever seen =/
Posted by Joshtek 10th July, 2003

I'd laugh, if I believed they could make better XD
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 10th July, 2003

This should be deleted.
Posted by Jack Galilee 10th July, 2003

ITS Called a action point
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 10th July, 2003

It was funny for about 5 seconds, if you're making a CS parody, make it a game, and make it fun for a change. No amount of 'LOL's or 'U R A FAG's will make this "game" fun.
Posted by AfterStar 12th July, 2003

Submitting "stupid" games to get DC points,that's LAME! I'm tired of small,never finished,bad quality games... CS is a good multiplayer game!Fun playing with lots of friends at a netcafe!That's all!
Posted by -Messiah- 12th July, 2003

Posted by Blackgaze 12th July, 2003

same and: 1
Posted by Matt 12th July, 2003

oh... my... god... this game is so great!!!! (he said sarcastically) THIS is the lamest thing on earth. even though i've never actually submitted anything, i know what a quality click game is. THIS is a joke, or an attempt at earning DC points..... i've been clicking for two years now, and good godeven MY first attempts this bad. if u cant make graphics at least use lib graphics.... and you REALLY need to come up with a better engine... idiot
Posted by yuyu 13th July, 2003

1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 now im going to kick ass on COGS!
Posted by NightShade 17th July, 2003

What a waste of time and space.
Posted by NightShade 17th July, 2003

BTW nice poll JonWoG. I choose 2.
Posted by Blackgaze 20th July, 2003

working for months? err no, seconds
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 20th July, 2003

You Pride And Joy? Your Motherf***in Pride And Joy I'll Give you pride and Joy!
Posted by pinne 27th August, 2003

that game realy sucked
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 16th May, 2004

i think im a bit late but i agree wit night shade, i also choose 2......
Posted by Daman 18th December, 2004

LINKS DEAD !!!!!:(
Posted by ThePodunkian 31st January, 2007

i was in class all day, jonwog, you idiot.






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