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Smash and Grab
Author: Glenn Submitted: 3rd July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 56

The is a Demo version of Smash and Grab, based on the classic Breakout.
This is my first game. I thought I would just see what type of response it gets.
If you don't like breakout games then dont download this.
Use the arrows keys for left and right, and the space bar to fire / launch ball.
This demo has 3 levels and a bonus room.

Comments welcome

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Posted by Galaxy613 4th July, 2003

I'm downloading...
Posted by Galaxy613 4th July, 2003

Nice for your frist game, the gfx are good, tho for my likeing the ball moves to fast ;) but that might just be me.
Posted by Glenn 4th July, 2003

I think what it is, it that the control of the bat by the arrows keys is what makes it hard, if I could get it to be controlled by the mouse it think the ball speed would be OK.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 4th July, 2003

the screenie is WAAAY! too small!;)
Posted by AndyUK 4th July, 2003

why is it 1.4meg couldnt it be smaller? well 1.4 meg isnt really that big
Posted by Glenn 4th July, 2003

Increased the screen shot size for you
Posted by Klikmaster 4th July, 2003

U should set Xposition of bat to Xmouse
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 4th July, 2003

For your first game, nice try! Bugs/suggestions/comments: - The resolution could be something to do with the file size - 800x600 isn't really necessary for a game like this. - The graphics are quite nice, although there could be a more interesting background than plain black. - I think there should be a bit more explanation of the different types of brick. - It would be useful if you could control the direction of the ball depending on where it hits the bat. - When you get rockets, it becomes too easy to suddenly get loads of bonuses, if you fire them constantly. - If you get the big bat bonus while you're next to the right side of the play area, you get stuck. - At the beginning it says you can click the left mouse button to start, as far as I can see this doesn't work. I hope I haven't sounded too negative, it's a nice game!
Posted by Glenn 4th July, 2003

No not at all, thanks for the comments, i will try to incorporate the points into the next version.
Posted by Rott bott 12th July, 2003

Judging the screenies the game has good gfx at least.
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 14th August, 2003

can't download the game




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