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Rat and Bogo: Cow Hunt (Beta)
Author: Arvid Ögren Submitted: 24th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 66

Edited By Arvid Ögren on 6/30/2003

Bogo and Rat is going for a hunt
+Extra bloody
+Cow, Kamikazee Cow, Buggy Bull
+Boss with alot of parts to munch
+Meaningless violence!

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Posted by Ozzy 24th June, 2003

Very nice description of the game :/
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 24th June, 2003

Detta ser faktiskt ganska coolt ut! Men du borde nog försöka göra dina spel lite mer advancerade som sagt...=)
Posted by Blackgaze 24th June, 2003

lol arvid ogren banned rules. and sweet description arvid. best i have seen for ages
Posted by Hayo 24th June, 2003

this is useless
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 24th June, 2003

haha detta måste va ett skämt:P
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 25th June, 2003

Fan vad alla ska vara taskiga då...
Posted by Jonny 25th June, 2003

u didnt draw those sprites did u?
Posted by dave_c_version1 25th June, 2003

some are ripped from mega man...some are ripped from zeb...some are probably random google image search and the others, obviously are his own...
Posted by Pete Nattress 25th June, 2003

do the admins on this site actually exist? i mean, they're pretty intangible... which one let this game through?
Posted by Smeggy 25th June, 2003

OMG this is crap!
Posted by - Yelnek - 25th June, 2003

I thought that DC just lets the games on...that it doesn't first go threw the I wrong? :S
Posted by TriggerOn 26th June, 2003

shuve a finger upp you rectum asshole!
Posted by EleXor 26th June, 2003

Arvid Ögren kick's ass XD His text below the picture should be: Broking the rules getting banned XD
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 12th October, 2003

actually im the co-maker of this game, and it is a VERy early beta ver.





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