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Professor Fruit's Juicing Factory
Author: Luke Morgan Submitted: 17th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 204
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Luke Morgan on 6/18/2003

Made for the Natomic Colour Compo. Came third overall!

It's another busy day at Professor Fruit's Juicing Factory. You have to fill 50 empty bottles with fruit juice. There are three types of fruit - make sure you match the colours with the bottles! If you fill the wrong bottles with the wrong fruit juice, you'll break the production line! Not only will this deduct 5 bottles from your bottle total, it'll also deduct 1 bottle from the factory total. Professor Fruit doesn't like wastage, so if you manage to waste five bottles, you'll have to start all over again!

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Posted by Klikmaster 18th June, 2003

This game is too hard.:(
Posted by Buster 19th June, 2003

This is pretty cool :)
Posted by UF Comtec 19th June, 2003

Nice ;)
Posted by J.J 19th June, 2003

I liked the design.... but it was hard as he**. Annyway i find this pretty good ;D
Posted by Ozzy 20th June, 2003

Nice game =), it wasn´t too hard, I made 50 bottles on my first try ;)
Posted by Wormware 20th June, 2003

It wasn't hard to play. I got a little nit bored.. But the game is nice and very original! Good idea. I Had a idea about a tetris game where you had to sort falling objects by color and shape. But now that is close to your idea. So I won't make it.. But, Well done!
Posted by Luke Morgan 21st June, 2003

Thanks for the comments, people :D An online mode is coming. The main game will have the same 'scene' but different gameplay. You'll be able to chat with fellow gamers in the 'lobby' and then you'll be able to challenge a gamer. ;) Hurrah for Moo Click!
Posted by The Chris Street 21st June, 2003

Ingenious idea for a game, but you should have done something more with it. Set a maximum limit...gradually increase the speed, etc. Still very good stuff.
Posted by Luke Morgan 21st June, 2003

It was for the natomic two week compo, and I only started a week in! :P Thanks for the comments :)
Posted by Sami 23rd June, 2003

Cool game , cool graphics and cool music . 2 problems : * No instructions at all . * Not for color blinded people .
Posted by Luke Morgan 23rd June, 2003

Hi Sami, Thanks for the comments :D Just to let you know that there's a Readme file that comes with the game in the zip file. That contains all the instructions you need ;)
Posted by Simon Colmer 28th June, 2003

looking gud, this is wot i like a screenie, and a gud story-liny decription well done downloading the game now
Posted by realvictory 28th June, 2003

It's a great game, except it's not very rewarding, at all! Next time, I think you should make it so you can control the speed of the machine, and get points for time. It's easy, and fun... but it gets boring without a challenge.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 30th June, 2003

I didnt lke this gane.Its just the same thing over and over and over.It got boring within the first 30 seconds.Work on this game a little moe and it could become good.Sorry.
Posted by Luke Morgan 30th June, 2003

Ah well, we can't please everyone. The next installment is the works. I hoping for it to be fully pre-rendered and online. So you'll be able to congregate and chat in the 'lobby', and then invite someone into the main factory to play the game. The main game will be altered to work for two people, but it will still revolve around juicing fruit. ;)
Posted by This Guy 2nd July, 2003

interesting puzzle game idea...I'll download!





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