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Cities on the planet Hojo BETA
Author: Galaxy613 Submitted: 9th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 125

A cool RTS I'm making, only in the beta stages, the goal of the game is to get either $1,000 or $500 sounds not so hard huh? What about if you add enemy tanks that want to destroy your town? Then you need to buy defences and build tanks, now it's harder to get $1,000.

I like this game I had some other people beta test it, and JonWog helped me on some of the coding thank him for doing the save/load thingy.

Theres a Readme inside the zip and that tells you how to play.

NOTE: The download URL is to my server and you have to download it from there. PLZ don't ask why.

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Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 9th June, 2003

Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 9th June, 2003

I'll download later. Looks decent from screenshots.
Posted by Eric 9th June, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 9th June, 2003

Ask to be on frontpage? errr thats not how it works
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 9th June, 2003

I don't get it... ...if the goal in the game is to get a $1,000 or whatever, then why in the second screenshot is there a button to "get $1,000"? Sounds like it would be a rather easy game.
Posted by Galaxy613 9th June, 2003

thats the goal selector click click 'Get $1,000' to have the goal be, you have to get $1,000
Posted by DrRobronco 9th June, 2003

This is pretty cool! Too bad nothing happens when you achieve the goal.
Posted by Assault Andy 10th June, 2003

It's ok, but you need some things that could be more fun. Hmmmm nice intro though.
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 10th June, 2003

Kewl! Sounds Kewl, is kewl? Maybe. . . Downloading!
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 10th June, 2003

Kewl game!
Posted by Galaxy613 10th June, 2003

thats a lie, you put that in, I took it out :p
Posted by yuyu 11th June, 2003

The graphics are to basic and the battles arent all that big. It's also a little simple and becomes boring slowly. Very good concept though!
Posted by ncsoftware 11th June, 2003

I hope this game will get more features, because it is, well kind of boring this way, just build some stuff and that's it. There's not much strategy about it, it's real time though :)
Posted by Galaxy613 11th June, 2003

yeh, if anyone has ideas for more features that'll be a great help!
Posted by Galaxy613 17th June, 2003

I'm going to make it so the enemies have bases, soon or later
Posted by RPG Player 2003 8th July, 2003

Bug Found : When you get more than 1000$ or 500$, you don't win! Make it "greater or equal" instead of just greater!
Posted by RPG Player 2003 8th July, 2003

Ah, and I forgot : Great game! If you want soem ideas, make some buildings like titanium mines, research labs, heavy weapons factory, and make a timer for the barracks creating time, it just isn't good to make units instantly. Also, it lacks limited range for weapons! New units SHOULD include artilleries, aircrafts and BIG tanks, almost like mobile fortresses!





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