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Author: Santa Submitted: 19th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 58

Edited By Santa on 5/20/2003

This is my first serious attempt at making a game. This is the first release of the game with the intention of more following In the future.

Breakout was one of my favourite games when i was younger and as my first project it seemed like a nice place to start. It has all the usual features Multi-balls, etc....

Should you encounter any problems I would appreciate it if you make the effort to report it at the site and it will all be fixed up before the next release.


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Posted by Smeggy 20th May, 2003

NICE - you should try out My Breakout clone oddity at: - sorry for the ad ppl LOL XD
Posted by Smeggy 20th May, 2003

NICE - you should try out My Breakout clone oddity at: - sorry for the ad ppl LOL XD
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 20th May, 2003

For your first game this is a pretty solid effort. For further versions, I would suggest adding: - More control over direction of the ball. Get rid of the random bouncing and make the ball bounce in a certain direction depending on where it hits the bat. - Limited ammo for the gun. As soon as I got the gun I could complete the level straight away! - All the obvious stuff, more levels/powerups/brick types etc. - Difficulty. The current 5 levels are a bit too easy, even on the "Hard" setting.
Posted by Santa 20th May, 2003

:D ThanXs for your comments, its useful to have feedback, I'm pretty new to all this, I only got games factory about a month or so back, I notice some people have been at this for years. I thought about some of the things you have said already. I added ball control, if you hit the ball with the left side of the bat it would go to the left and the right it would go to the right. I found though that even with this it was possible to get the ball stuck now and then when the ball bounced from the top left corner to the bottom right, so I added a slight random element to the bounce. The gun, I limited the time, I agree its a little easy with that, but wasn't sure if that was down to the amount of time I spent playing it during the time I was making it. All the difficulty setting does is change the amount of power ups that drop, maybe I could make it change the amount of time that the power ups are effective too. 5 levels, I know its not long enough, I have made lots more rendered backgrounds, but I guess like a lot of game developers got a little impatient and wanted to get it out there HeHe. Again thank-you for the feedback its appreciated.
Posted by Wormware 20th May, 2003

Another Brick game. Well it you first, I'll download it.
Posted by Jigen 21st May, 2003

Posted by Galaxy613 21st May, 2003

uber cool backgrounds...I'm downloading
Posted by Wormware 21st May, 2003

IT keeps asking me to enter my name. everytime I've played the game and went to the instructions.. hlp!
Posted by Santa 21st May, 2003

The problem is the hi score is reset at the beining of the first level, HeHe Oooops! Har Har. What can i say, its my first game lol - Will be fixed for version2 :D
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 23rd May, 2003

Posted by Eric 23rd May, 2003

I would review it but I can't seem to download it.
Posted by Silveraura 23rd May, 2003

Where you get the SWEET backgrounds!? Telling me you drew them would make you my background making slave FOREVER! [LOL] j/k Honistly though, where did them sweet backgrounds come from?
Posted by Santa 24th May, 2003

Well Brandon, I drew them lol Im thinking of writing a tutorial on making them, believe it or not its not too hard to make backgrounds like that. I made about 40 in one day, the rest will be used in the next release. Keep your eyes pealed cos im thinking of writing a article on making nice backgrounds.
Posted by Santa 24th May, 2003

Gawd just read what i wrote, lol cant believe i repeated myself in such a short bit of txt lol.... ignore me im half asleep :P





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