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Power Crystals
Author: Klikmaster Submitted: 18th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 128

Edited By KlikMaster - *OdSoftware* on 5/18/2003

This is the first installment of the power crystals series. I am currently working on Power Crystals 5, this will not come out for some time. But this game was finished in May 2000. It was made in Klik 'n' play, by the way. (Hey that rhymes )

I wanted to submit this because it was the starter for the series and I thought it was pretty good.

But the graphics arn't great, (i'd only just started kliking then, ok). A couple of things I have updated in MMF, but it is mostly unchanged.

For those who don't read README files, these are the instructions.

You are Ticcola, friend of a wizard who informed you of invaders from another planet. They are in search of your wizard friend to find the location of the power crystals. You hurry off to find them before they do, and before they control the power they emit.

Arrow keys

In battle:

NOTE: Energy is needed to use these attacks, so collect the powerups floating about. D will not work until you gain the ability, (it will tell you).

And the game uses the old password system, you know click File, then password, ok

So whilst you wait for Power Crystals 5, how about playing Power Crystals, take a look at the screenies, and download.

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 (940kb )
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Posted by Klikmaster 18th May, 2003

If you feel the need, go to: There you will find a page where you can find the passwords for the game. But if you want, do the game the proper way :). Its up to you ;).
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th May, 2003

Wow, good punctuation and spelling! Amazing! The backgrounds could use some work though. (Or add backgrounds, since it's just one or two colors)
Posted by Klikmaster 20th May, 2003

Yeah, I like to make my presentation good. And this game was made ages ago, and I want to leave it how it was.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 21st May, 2003

downloading...Is it even worth it?
Posted by Klikmaster 24th May, 2003

you judge whether it's worth it. my friends loved it.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 24th May, 2003

It is not that good. Its not very interactive. The fighting is too basic. Need more animations. You must fix those things to make a good old game. Even classics had full animations. Well, why should you get the p to get power to shoot??? Playing like that will make ppl bored and delete it. Next time just put the files in zip instead of making us install them. not a bad game though, just fun for non klikers.
Posted by ootmins 25th May, 2003

this is a well random attempt of a copy of dragon ball z, i'm not gunna download it.
Posted by Elvn 30th May, 2003

Your friends loved it? ...I'd hate to meet your friends.
Posted by Klikmaster 1st June, 2003

Hey!... Anyway, that was ages ago, I'm much better @ games now. :)
Posted by UF Comtec 27th June, 2003

OMG, it's a dragonball rip-off :/
Posted by UF Comtec 27th June, 2003

Well, anyway there is a blackhaired-spike-haired guy and Freezer is there!
Posted by protius2214 9th July, 2003

It's more like Vegeta vs. Cell. That ought to be fun (My sarcasm is evident.)
Posted by Lance10106 19th October, 2003

Kinda bad,but i liked the dbz style music.
Posted by CKS Labs Game Studios 25th January, 2004

I dont understand... whats so bad about installers? They compress the files just as well as a ZIP archive, they simplify moving complex files, and they can add information to the Windows Registry. They are MUCH better than zip files. Oh well... maybe someone will email me to tell me why...
Posted by izac 18th March, 2005

how do you download this game?




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