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Panic Ball
Author: @tomic Submitted: 8th April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 62

Edited By @tomic on 4/10/2003

Edited By @tomic on 4/10/2003

This is my first game, please try it.

Este es mi primer juego. Por favor probadlo.

This game is same as footbal with some variety.
You control goalkeeper and two other football players, and you must stop all the balls. Be carefull With the green and purple balls, if you can't see, you can't stop any balls.
Read down for controls. I'm sorry if my English isn't well,
I'm only a Spanish student of first of Bachillerato.

Tras disculparme, os lo explico en español. Este juego es parecido al fútbol. Tu controlas al portero y a dos jugadores. Tu misión es parar los balones. Si te da un balón verde o morado se te nublará la vista y no podrás parar los balones importantes.A continuación los controles.

Goalkeeper C-N
Left player A-S-W-D
Right player J-K-I-L

Three players can play!!! Pueden jugar tres personas!!!

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Posted by @tomic 8th April, 2003

Ohh. I'm sorry, but the screenshot don't appear. Click here to view them:
Posted by Mitch M 9th April, 2003

Ok.. Here's how to post a pic.. - Try to find another server.. ( Trust me, I once was hosted by Geocities.. ) - Link a picture or a textline on your webpage to a uploaded Picturefile.. ( .JPG .GIF etc... ) -Type the full http:// Url into the " Picture " box while submitting your game... Try editing this game and add the new pictures.. Then they should work. Nice game though.. Good job!!
Posted by Mitch M 9th April, 2003

Joder!!! ( #*@*#@*# ) Geoshities sucks bigtime!!! Moi pocco de hablo Espagnol! Holla!! :P
Posted by funkyseaweed 10th April, 2003

The screen shot links should be: and The game is a good idea but I found it impossible to control 3 players at once and I don't have 2 friends here. Also it would be a bit hard for 3 people to crowd around my keyboard, but good game :)
Posted by funkyseaweed 10th April, 2003

OK, so those picture links don't seem to work... never mind, good game, just a shame about geocities. Oh yeah, and you have good english :)
Posted by @tomic 10th April, 2003

I've already fixed the pictures links. Please, have fun.
Posted by @tomic 10th April, 2003

I was wrong. Geocities is very bad. It doesn't go? delete the screenshots and no problem. If you want to see the, please, visit the links up or visit my page. (je,je,, more visits) I'm sorry for the things I've say about geocities, but its true. My Url: Lo siento, pero los screenshots no funcionan. Por favor visita los links que te he pueso arriba o mi dirección web. Gracias.
Posted by funkyseaweed 10th April, 2003

Don't worry, everyone says bad things about Geocities. I tried it myself- it sucks.
Posted by Smeggy 10th April, 2003

hey @tomic go to this free host its much better: they offer 100mb space and many other features :)
Posted by Smeggy 10th April, 2003

reviewed!! :D
Posted by Smeggy 11th April, 2003

LOL thats ok buddy
Posted by Smeggy 11th April, 2003

Call me Jon, :D
Posted by Smeggy 11th April, 2003

oh and plz visit my site at: or my simple address, - and dont forget to sign my guestbook! (sorry spam - lol) :) :(
Posted by Lew 16th April, 2003

Hola, tu juego es absolutamente diversión y mirar agradable :) Pero es repetidor-¡pero diversión con amigos! Lo siento, ¡mi espanol es muy mal!




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