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Goku vs. Vegeta: Dragonball Z
Author: DJ Klikster Submitted: 2nd April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 110

Edited By MugenMidget on 10/6/2003

Edited By Chris on 4/2/2003

It's a game...featuring two saiyans. The method for SSJ hair was not executed very well, and Goku and Vegeta bear a resemblance to Muppets. Besides that, I suppose it's playable. Any suggestions on how to make sparkly yellow hair that makes everyone think you are a bad dude would be appreciated.

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Posted by Dark One Entertainment 3rd April, 2003

Come on man look at those things, they look like dolls, and is the only thing you can make fan games?!?!
Posted by RapidFlash 3rd April, 2003

Just a tip: Never post multiple games at once. It gives the impression that you didn't spend time on the games you built.
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 3rd April, 2003

It comes down to one question, Chris are you MugenMidget?
Posted by DJ Klikster 3rd April, 2003

Yes, that's my username on here.
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 5th April, 2003

ok just to make sure you didn't take someone's game and claim it as your own. I would have to call you stupid since it says mugenmidget on the bottom of the title screen(if you weren't that is).
Posted by DJ Klikster 13th April, 2003

Uh right on.
Posted by Peter Pham 13th March, 2004

2.57mb for that?! waste!
Posted by DJ Klikster 6th December, 2004

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