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Author: Rane Submitted: 25th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 71

Edited By Rane on 4/2/2003

A pretty neat BALL GENERATOR. It will shoot the BALLS out different every time some hopefully you won't get bored to QUICK....My second game

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Posted by Rane 26th March, 2003

you'll probably have to cut out this and PASTE it in the BROWSER BAR
Posted by Rane 26th March, 2003

or try CLICKING it?!?! ;) (duh)
Posted by Nico 28th March, 2003

Oh, so this is your second "game". (Emphasis on "game")
Posted by Rane 1st April, 2003

here's some screenshots
Posted by Rane 1st April, 2003

ok Nico I played krazy 1&2 and by the looks of it people said that those were NOT games they were just a series of clicking>>>3 Timez<<< now thats what I call NOT a "game" (emphasis on "game") Next we have Dodge Ball. You look like a DICK with feet dodgeing your own BALLS. Plus it does'nt even give you a password so you should'nt have even put that feature in there??Or maybe I just quit to soon??:( ???I don't know and don't even care??? Last and Least we have Nic at home. Ok it seems like you wasted 10 webpages for what>>>a dumbass game<<< thats why they created the "Aventure Maker" Shirley Holmes. Anyways it basically well...I guess it's..ummmm...All hell It's just plain ~~~~ SHIT ^^^^ `~` and man does it STINK!!!!!
Posted by Rane 1st April, 2003

*Adventure Maker
Posted by kreature 2nd April, 2003

Rane, please quit being so damn immature. You're 14, that means it's time to grow up. As for good/bad comments you have to expect both. If you're a bright kid, you use the comments to improve your games, instead of whining about 'how much you don't like bad comments'. And last, OMG, don't use whatever the author of a bad comment has published to get back on them. That's just lame. Concentrate on your own game !
Posted by Rane 2nd April, 2003

well I guess your right he just pises me off so bad because his games suck well THANKX.f0rjulsnissen.I guess :)
Posted by Rane 2nd April, 2003

Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 9th April, 2003

"every time some"? WTF are you saying?
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 24th May, 2003

doesn't work! HELP!!!!





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