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Author: ChrisB Submitted: 16th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 240

Edited By Chris Branch on 8/19/2003

Get those blocks in line! Where will this one go? Who shall I use this powerup on? This is Quintris, the multiplayer Tetris clone for up to 5 players. Clear rows, get powerups, defeat the others. If you don't fancy going solo there's a teamplay option. Hey - with 5 different modes of play, you'll shouldn't be bored. Nor should you be alone - the 'Find Games' option lets you search for games in progress or waiting for players.

Available are:
- Normal Game (a standard, 'last-player-left' game)
- Pure (no powerups )
- Scored (points count in this one!)
- Time Limit (get the most points within a time limit)
- Score Lag (complete as many lines as possible to keep in the game! my favourite )

With 13 different powerups, you'll also need a fair bit of tactics to stay on top!

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Posted by Ozzy 17th January, 2003

Looks like the blockwars on
Posted by Ozzy 17th January, 2003

Btw..looks good..i just need someone to play with =)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 17th January, 2003

Sadly I can't review this as I'm behind a University firewall so the online aspect doesn't work. Looks excellent, though - I've tried and failed to make a Tetris game in MMF many times.
Posted by CYS 17th January, 2003

cannot find anyone to play with :(
Posted by Shen 17th January, 2003

Get V-Chat, you can play people through it.
Posted by MasterM 17th January, 2003

oh damn that's so cool. i always liked to play tetris against friends online and now I can. thank you for this cool game
Posted by gGg 17th January, 2003

where can I find a channel
Posted by bigdave 17th January, 2003

that looks good. lets hope it gets lots of downloads
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 17th January, 2003

this is weird... if the block touches a wall when it's partially covered by the background you lose :(
Posted by Blackstorm 17th January, 2003

Can this thing use IPX connection? I think that would be really awesome. Great game otherwise.
Posted by Erik 18th January, 2003

Havent you ever heard of a classic game called tertinet. Its an online tetris game were you play it against each other. I guess that this game is a lot like it.
Posted by Rik 18th January, 2003

404 file not found :(
Posted by Reaven Khali 18th January, 2003

Looks like a netris clone
Posted by Rik 19th January, 2003

does it look like a netris clone by any chance Reaven?? XD
Posted by OOOPPPs 20th January, 2003

wheres all the servers??? i wanna play!
Posted by Wendell 21st January, 2003

FRAUED!!! well well well I would have never thought but... I an always finding gamesites on the net and a few years agao I found ! with this same game (but better graphix)
Posted by ChrisB 13th July, 2003

Re: last commment. It was an original game by me. It's also a Tetris clone. Don't make yourself look like an idiot.





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