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Waluigi World
Author: Angry Hippo Games Submitted: 8th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 174

A game I made a while ago, you play as Waluigi trying to catch up to his brother and get in the spotlight. The game play is OK with a range of levels and a unique scoring system.

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Posted by Smeggy 9th January, 2003

Ok this game is strange but i like it
Posted by vontheo 9th January, 2003's alright. Very ripoff.
Posted by DaveC 10th January, 2003

waluigi is by far the worst addition to nintendo's mascots ever. thats why with no screenie im not gonna download it.
Posted by Angry Hippo Games 10th January, 2003

Smeg Creations? Where does it say that?
Posted by eX Com 10th January, 2003

the guy that made yer first comment
Posted by Smeggy 10th January, 2003

ok Smeg is my product name ok so piss off at least my software name is better that paul jeffries
Posted by Smeggy 10th January, 2003

r u guys here to learn and make games or just take the piss...........Smeg stands for safe marketing for extreme games
Posted by AndyUK 11th January, 2003

dont worry jon he is trying to be funny/clever. He fails at both.
Posted by Smeggy 13th January, 2003

Posted by Angry Hippo Games 13th January, 2003

Can we have more comments about the game?
Posted by Andrew 18th January, 2003

I liked the game it was neat from what i played of it.
Posted by Angry Hippo Games 20th January, 2003

I;ll get some screenshots soon I just need more space on geocities server
Posted by Christian 20th February, 2003

fan vad fetstarkt spel
Posted by This Guy 25th April, 2003

angry hippo, if u need more space just register a new s/n for yahoo and you'll get another 15 megs of space. I know it's a pain to update both sites, but just use the 2nd one only for storing games and screens or whatever. That's what I'm going to do when I run out of space. interesting game by the way
Posted by que- 7th July, 2004

That game is very nice. Graphicks are good work.




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