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Look To The Skies
Author: demented Dave Submitted: 6th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 45

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A game based on alleged cattle abduction and subsequent mutilation by extra-terrestrials.
You pilot a flying saucer and beam up unsuspecting cattle. But watch out! Angry farmers and, ultimately, black helicopters will try to drive you to other pastures.

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Posted by OOOPPPs 11th January, 2003

looks like ripped gfx, and i liked the name look to the skies better
Posted by -_darkman_- 12th January, 2003

all them sprites are ripped by the looks of it
Posted by demented Dave 12th January, 2003

Thanx for the feedback OOPPs. I think i'll put the name back, I like it better as well. What does ripped grfx mean? I created them from photos with a scanner. -Dave
Posted by demented Dave 12th January, 2003

I searched the site and see that by ripped you are insinuatinting I stole these GRFX from another game. That is not the case. The explosion IS from the book I got with TGF on a disk in it. I drew the helicopter. I drew the bullet. The truck's are made from photos of models. The cow is from a photo taken at a local dairy. The man in the pickup truck is, I guess, ripped. But not from a game. From a photo somewhere around the 'net, but I did change him some. The ufo from a photo of a piece of equipment in the background of a photo I took of my mother-in-law. I just looked for a different way to create grfx than drawing. If I could afford to, I would PAY for grfx, as I did for my album cover. The explosion sound is from the same CD mentioned above. I created all the other sounds in the game. For location recording I used a Sony minidsk and coresound mics. I played the "music" a ship sounds using a "soft synth". I like the "collage" effect of the photos, I like the look of the game. -Dave
Posted by OOOPPPs 14th January, 2003

Well.. some tips: 1- Never, i said NEVER (or maybe dont use too much) gradient colouring. I mean, it looks cool to the average newbie kliker, but have u looked around u and notice that the sky is not actually fading from orange to pink to black? u could just make it slightly darker, and add some clouds to the sky instead. 2- The playfield or specifically, the grass seem to be largely featureless. There should be some indication of perspective such as resizing certain cows to make it seem smaller, and add some mountains trees in the distance instead of having just a straight horizon. 3- There's a horrible clash of the style of gfx, the cow are cut from pics (its very obvious with the white outlines) and the truck's WHEELS look very weird, consider resizing it. The Grass tile also lack detail, add some little grass, flowers, a tree here and there, but remember to consider the PERPECTIVE. 4- Maybe for novelty value, make the cows, when selected to be beamed, have a wide pair of cartoony eyes and their legs swinging wildly =) 5- Consider adding additional animations to the cows, like grazing, walking, flapping their tails, etc. 6- OMG, u got a cow fetish... get away from me!!! erm.. i mean at least u got original sound =) and dun be scared about drawing and creating ur own gfx, practice makes perfect! -Tim (OOOPPPs)
Posted by demented Dave 14th January, 2003

thanx for those well thought out criticisms/suggestions I may implement some/a lot of them in the future -Dave
Posted by OOOPPPs 14th January, 2003

No Problems
Posted by OOOPPPs 14th January, 2003

No Problems
Posted by OOOPPPs 14th January, 2003

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