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Performance RTF Demo
Author: ElectricPro Submitted: 4th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 47

Edited By ElectricPro on 1/4/2003

Performance RTF is a RTF Editor thats good for Big Companys that wish to use RTF as a Read Me or anything else. Its Also good for people who go to School, for writing Reports. Having image support its even more useful. Compaired to other RTF Editors This one is small in size, and very cheap. Check it out! The Registered Versions price is $1.00 and for Ordering information e-mail: . Think it needs something? E-mail .

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Posted by Robbie Shields 5th January, 2003

Interesting but alas, no better than Wordpad. It's your best application yet and with a little work, you could turn this into something good!
Posted by bigdave 5th January, 2003

if ur gonna make an application then make sure you add something new. There's no point in having this
Posted by Nir L 5th January, 2003

Hmm... Buying this for $1 or using Wordpad for $0... Look, this doesn't have half the features Wordpad has, do you really expect anyone to use it? BTW it's not small, the EXE of the about window (, 1.7MB) makes the installation file very big. Don't compare it to the 20KB file of the Wordpad EXE.
Posted by ChrisB 5th January, 2003

And the point of this is?
Posted by Nir L 5th January, 2003

Oh and BTW, this deleted CNCS232.DLL. Just what I needed. Thanks.
Posted by Shen 5th January, 2003

Couldn't even run it
Posted by -_darkman_- 5th January, 2003

i'll stick with my copy of Microsoft Office. Even if this was free i still wouldn't use it.
Posted by Evil Monkey 5th January, 2003

Please stop trying to sell your creations. Nobody is really going to buy them. :/
Posted by Joint(jgi) 5th January, 2003

its sad :( i dont even wanna download this cuz of the comments just creat games or sumtin cuz ur never gonna beat any comercial software out there we will be probly seeing a paint program from u soon lol lmao!!! roflmao!!!
Posted by Robbie Shields 5th January, 2003

Going against what I said earlier, this is very poor. And where's the image support?
Posted by Nir L 6th January, 2003

Rich Edit object supports images (i.e this is nothing special, it just uses Rich Edit module).
Posted by Robbie Shields 6th January, 2003

I know but if he says it supports image support, it should be apparent in the software.





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