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Realmwars: The First Threat DEMO
Author: dudeguydud Submitted: 1st January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 76

Edited By dudeguydud on 1/2/2003

Okay, this is just a demo and there is 1 Screenshot, but the grafics are okay (I guess), and this is my first game so give me a break. The controls are simple and, no, you can`t go to the options menu yet.(It won`t work!) The basic outline is you shoot the aliens while going through the small maze and staying alive to get to the end. F5 is the panic key, so if it freezes on you you can get out of the program. Please give me comments!

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Posted by dudeguydud 1st January, 2003

If their are problems, comment then mail me
Posted by dudeguydud 2nd January, 2003

sorry, the link doesn`t work. i`ll fix it soon
Posted by dudeguydud 2nd January, 2003

Posted by dudeguydud 2nd January, 2003

don`t be shy
Posted by Razorshark Productions 3rd January, 2003

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Posted by dudeguydud 3rd January, 2003

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