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Tremor 4 Tournament Online Multiplayer BETA
Author: Nighthawk Submitted: 31st December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 1133
Game of the Week Winner

Well just in time for the new year, I decided to release the BETA of Tremor 4, soon to be released by the 2nd week of January. Currently it features a dedicated server with control panel options such as a map cycle and ban list.

The Server list uses MOOSock to retrieve Linux and Windows Servers, each with scripts and custom hooks. The map editor will be released with the final version. The final version will include the SQL user database and server system.

Currentely, my main web host is down so many features aren't in. The user database and server list isn't up becuase they depended on my web server. This will probably make you think less of the game because you have to use the Clickpool server, which even on DSL will give you ping over 150ms.

Anyhow, 90% of Mark Pay's original code has been replaced by the new multiplayer engine written from scratch. He gave me permission to use his graphics, even encouraging me to make the mutlplayer version of his game.

After over 200 hours of works, 139 builds and 51 real tests (with other players, not locally tested), the dead reckoning engine (also written from scratch) is finished. The map loader and user system is all that is left, they have only to be plugged in, the programming is done.

I sure hope you all enjoy this beta as much as I have making it depite the fact that you have to use the ClickPool server (this affect users in North America). It has over 2000 lines of Click code and has been optimized over 100 times (really!)

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 (4565kb )

Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 1st January, 2003

Wats the clickpool server???? Btw it looks cool! :D
Posted by Robert Berry 1st January, 2003

Cool - you've obviously put alot of work into this.
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 1st January, 2003

Holy smokes. this is graphically the most consistent game ever to grace this page. i`m just impressed by all that work putten into it. man you r the klik god.
Posted by Razorshark Productions 1st January, 2003

Much respect 4 your hard work Lad, it's lookin very nice indeed, can't wait to test the final release..8)
Posted by Death Reaper X 1st January, 2003

Weren't many people when I want on but it's really good, I love the weapons :D wahahhahaha
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 1st January, 2003

dammmmmmm!!!! screenshot tells me all!!!
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 1st January, 2003

This game looks to be the best click game ever! Too bad i have an 56k modem so i don't have time to download it...
Posted by Padster 1st January, 2003

The graphics are'nt original btw.If you read the desc. you'll see hes usng the tremor graphics by Mark Pay.
Posted by Mark Pay 1st January, 2003

In turn many of the background textures are from Half-Life or freeware net sources, splodged with PSP so I can't take credit for those ;) Technically this game runs well. I played it yesterday but had trouble finding people online. From what I've seen and briefly tried, netcode is difficult to get working nicely. Theres is a heap of hard work gone into getting this working right (good to see you junked most of the original events ;) ) My only thumbs down would be the invisible gun turrets. Are they tests for team matches, because I personally found them irritating for Deathmatch. Also they game slows down noticeably when its scrolling (AMD 900, 256 megs ram) Perhaps you could add a resolution option? If its running in 16 million colours, turning down to 25+k would give a nice performance boost on lower end machines without noticeably affecting the gfx. Many, many thanks Nighthawk for doing whats way out of my league and making an online version of the game! :D PS - How many players can it support max?
Posted by Nighthawk 1st January, 2003

First of all, the latest version of Tremor is up, download it if you already did, and download it if you haven't! And the new version has a news system and update notifier on the main page, so you don't have to come here to find the latest version, it right in the game! For your questions, the game can theoretically support 1,000,000 players but the engine was made for 256 players and the beta map was made for 16. The map for 256 was too big for a beta, since I've only seen 7-10 people playing at once. After I release it, there will be a mega map for those game with 256 players! The game will run in fullscreen mode but I used it in window mode because I was running 3 instances to test the multiplay support. The next version will be in fullscreen mode after I smash all the bugs!
Posted by Nighthawk 1st January, 2003

More screenshots at Bloody, fun, killing :)
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 1st January, 2003

nice, but after a while i couldn't shoot any more.. bug?
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 1st January, 2003

yea i agree with matt and when i use a chaingun to shoot it can't stop shooting until it ran out of bullets, then later i picked another gun, and it shot automatically...but beisdes those things, eveything is cool!!!! really really cool, best game i've play in KnP
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 1st January, 2003

jaffa download it it's still good for mmy 56k
Posted by OOOPPPs 1st January, 2003

I've been waiting for a looonnng time for a multiplayer version of Tremor.. but the prob with this is that the scrolling is really slow... Cant Wait for the full version to come out!
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 1st January, 2003

also, not enough people playing! sometimes someone will log in and i'll chase them with a chainsaw, and then they will log out.
Posted by Nighthawk 1st January, 2003

download the latest version everyone! update checker and latest news page built in! also, the 'can't shoot' bug has been fixed!
Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 1st January, 2003

you guys should ask sean to battle you, he good and if you guy want to challenge me mail me in daily clik
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 1st January, 2003

who is sean? and great work nighthawk! i love it!
Posted by hozz 1st January, 2003

Great game!!! One of the best I've seen for a while now
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st January, 2003

This game looks amazing! *Starts Download*
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st January, 2003

*See's the size* Oh...maybe later..
Posted by Darklord 1st January, 2003

2000 lines with 100 optimization attempts? Wow. What a nightmare it would be if MMF decided to bitch and corrupt it all. Tremor 3 was a really fun game, I can't wait to see how this turns out. 150ms is pretty good for a ping, games are usually playable at 300 or lower.
Posted by Nighthawk 1st January, 2003

Sean is the maker of MOOGame; by the way, if you're on broadband, a ping of 32ms is good :) Have fun you all and thanks for the reviews! Send in the suggestions and questions!
Posted by Nighthawk 1st January, 2003

Could this game make game of the week? Month? Even Game of the Year? You guys can decide that one after the FULL version is released in mid-January.
Posted by OOOPPPs 2nd January, 2003

y dont u release updates as patches rather than make us d/l the game over and over again when its updated?
Posted by Rovak[Crazy_produtions] 2nd January, 2003

i found alittle usefull bug in the game: if you have have a flamethrower and you want to get past the flamethrower "turret" just hold the fire button and walk through the turret and you dont lose any lives.
Posted by canazza 2nd January, 2003

You need to lower the colours for low-spec machines, the scrolling is still a bit jerky
Posted by canazza 2nd January, 2003

and for those on 56k modems who 'dont have the time' - get a better provider, i'm running a 56k modem and i'm getting 5kbps downloads. It takes me 15 minutes to download it
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 2nd January, 2003

WOW! this is amazing !!!
Posted by Scott 2nd January, 2003

looks good
Posted by Anthony Lopes 2nd January, 2003

dude, this looks so freeking awesome... the interface is beautiful! NEED SERVERS UP! I can't even start a game! GAH!!!
Posted by 2nd January, 2003

Ya this game is cool. Good work! But the controls aAHAAHA. Could you improve them?
Posted by Nighthawk 2nd January, 2003

Hey anyone want to be in my voice audition? I need radio commands/GUI voices for the game. All you need is a mic and to contact me at
Posted by canazza 2nd January, 2003

Martin... go into Settings, then on page Two you can edit them
Posted by Rik 2nd January, 2003

This is cool, but it scrolls kinda slowly. I hate it when games do that! Other than that this game rules!
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 3rd January, 2003

Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 3rd January, 2003

when i click the update page it doesnt do anything. it just ignores it. same with help page etc.
Posted by Nighthawk 3rd January, 2003

Oh if you use the latest version, it should say download now in the bottom corner, otherwise download it at
Posted by hozz 3rd January, 2003

When I finish playing it and exit it, the screen goes all big. Why?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 3rd January, 2003

maybe bots on the next version? just a though. by the way i am hoping there'll be a next version.
Posted by OOOPPPs 3rd January, 2003

Woah.. bots would be almost impossible rite?? or if it is able to be done then you my friend would be my hero..
Posted by Nighthawk 3rd January, 2003

lots of ideas for the next version bots, capture the flag, teamplay, refill stations, exploding terrain/walls loads coming up but make sure you have the latest version ^like above^ to get all the updates
Posted by canazza 4th January, 2003

Hozz... it crashes alot leaving your screen at 640 X 480, go into you're Desktop properties and reset your screen resoloution
Posted by Master of Nothing 4th January, 2003

Sweet! Now remake Mark Pay's Terror Former, JK. That looked to be the best clickgame ever. It probably would have been too, If MMF hadn't craped out like that. But Lunatic Rover was good.
Posted by Nighthawk 4th January, 2003

It crashes alot? When? I'll soon have a report bugs page up!
Posted by Dan Cook 4th January, 2003

Don't forget the dreaded moderators! harhar
Posted by Assault Andy 4th January, 2003

Holy Christmas Nighthawk, AMAZING!!!!!
Posted by Nighthawk 5th January, 2003

yes the moderators will have super powers but will not count toward rankings such as the dual LAW and the vulcan cannon! gladiator mod will feature an ALL-VS-Moderator game mode!
Posted by Nighthawk 5th January, 2003

yes the moderators will have super powers but will not count toward rankings such as the dual LAW and the vulcan cannon! gladiator mod will feature an ALL-VS-Moderator game mode!
Posted by Nighthawk 5th January, 2003

yes the moderators will have super powers but will not count toward rankings such as the dual LAW and the vulcan cannon! gladiator mod will feature an ALL-VS-Moderator game mode!
Posted by MattB 5th January, 2003

I haven't experienced any crashes yet. But is there a way to exit to main menu? Hitting alt+f4 and having to restart all the time could get annoying. Maybe I'm just ignorant and didn't read. Strafe Key is documented incorrectly. By default, key is listed as ', but it's really /. Scroll speed could quicken to make game more frantic, but is tolerable as-is. Players' names occasionally stopped in one place while player continued. Players would also disappear for no reason. And I don't think they had invisibility, because their names were still visible. If names are still visible during invisibility mode, consider making the more transparent. Complete invisibility is no fun, but neither is a very obvious yet ineffective attempt at invisibility. But let's not forget: very fun! I trust players will be able to make custom maps and mods? If so, a considerable community could be created around this game.
Posted by MattB 5th January, 2003

Oh, yeah. Forgot about one thing: Also consider changing strafe default to something more easily accessible. For example, 0 on the numpad. Of course, players can change this quite easily, but the control layout shouldn't be clumsy from the get-go. If the reason you've put it where it is is to discourage constant strafing or to make it more difficult, your efforts are pointless, since people will just change it anyway after becoming annoyed enough. If this is the case, which I doubt it is, there's no point making is changeable. Something I just thought of after playing a somewhat similar (if less bloody) game called Genjox produced by Digipen ( ): Hotkeys for programmable, frequently-used chat messages would be a nice addition. No more than five is necessary. This would allow for basic stuff like "sorry" "oh, f***" "muahaha!" "get their flag" or "nice shot." Most of these will probably be occupied by phrases similar to the second example, but the potential for being quite useful is still there. I would also like to urge anybody who is planning on downloading this game when it comes out to get Roger Wilco RIGHT NOW. It will be a valuable asset in team play, and for taunting your opponents when not playing in teams. As I said before, great game. And why are you people whining about a 4 meg file? If it's really a burden, download it over night or get a download helper like Go! Zilla. I'm using a 56k, and I got it in 20 minutes going at about 3kbps. Download a few commercial demos (I reccomend Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Command and Conquer: Renegade, and maybe Tribes 2 if you can bear the great amounts of lag) and then try complaining about this.
Posted by MattB 6th January, 2003

I'm not trying to insult your work, really. It's just so flawless, I want to help you reach perfection. Laugh if you want, I'm serious, no matter how corny the "reach perfection" statement may be. Players occasionally respawn on top of each other. I've noticed bad lag problems with some players, where they jump around the screen, go through walls, pick up items without meaning to, and then reappear just a hundred or so pixels from where they were (I'm used to 1024*768 resolution, so when I say 100 pixels, that's about an 1 1/4 inches, or 3cm.) I doubt there's much you can do to fix this, but it can really cut down on the "experience" for some players like me who can't kill them, so it might be a nice idea to let hosts set maximum pings. This should probably be done by finding a ping at which the game becomes intolerable and setting that as the minimum so that players with really fast connections can't hog all the fun, but reasonable limits can still be set. Probably just lag, but I occasionally have trouble disengaging strafing. I just realized that the guns have varying weight. I can't believe I didn't notice it before. I love the level of depth that this will add, especially in CTF maps: defenders with chainguns, snipers with either the sniper rifle or the one that shoots through walls, I forgot which it is, people running in to attack with the default weapon, and psychos (me) running around aimlessly with the chainsaw. Sweetness. It's got my GoTW vote, as if it didn't the first time I played it.
Posted by Nighthawk 7th January, 2003

Thanks for all your comments, I've read most of them but will read all of them later today. My website is "sort of" up at Tremor news will be up there and on the title screen of Tremor (if you have version .91/.92 there is a web browser built into Tremor) You can expect a new version by mid/end January though I'm running into MooGame/Click bugs because of some of their design issues Sean told me about.
Posted by Matt Mallas (Flying Apemonkey Software) 12th January, 2003

Wow! This game is great! Just one little thing I thought I should point out: on the settings page, the contact and website boxes aren't long enough for me to fit in the info that I want to. If possible, perhaps these text boxes could be extended, or the font size could be changed.
Posted by Galaxy613 3rd February, 2003

NO-ONE HAVE REVIEWED THIS??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?1
Posted by Galaxy613 3rd February, 2003

NO-ONE HAVE REVIEWED THIS??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?1
Posted by Evolution 10th September, 2003

CRAZY!!!!!!!! this game looks rad.!.!.!>!>!
Posted by Lord 4th January, 2004

hey i cant download this game, you delete it????? but i realy want to play this game, someone please send it to my mail its PLEASE!!!!!!!
Posted by Lord 4th January, 2004

hey Nighthawk i cant download your game it says cannot find page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Eric Andrews 15th February, 2004

Lol when i try to download this it sends me to a porn site!
Posted by Esa 5th March, 2004

Ditto!! Rather annoying!
Posted by Sergio Alves 15th May, 2004

i cant download it... it opens a sex page...
Posted by stars 10th July, 2004

GREAT A SEX PAGE??? just what i wanted... not really.
Posted by Gareth Choake 3rd August, 2004

Aww, I finally find a site with this game, and it redirects me to porn. Lovely. Maybe someone can upload it to a server and post the address?
Posted by ......................... 4th February, 2005

i think the page is down





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