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El Duel de Death: Chaos Arena
Author: KlikFactory Submitted: 24th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 178

El Duel de Death: Chaos Arena is not a sequel to El Duel de Death. It is a brand new multiplayer action game! As one of six playable characters, ranging from Zack Bond to a giant Skull to the Dragon named "Dragon Friend", you'll battle it out with another player for victory!


- The second in the "El Duel de Death" series: A range of various games in various genres with intense multiplayer action!

- Six playable characters!

- Six arenas to fight it out in!

- Innovative, action-oriented fighting style!

- Super Smash Bros.- esque combat!

- Dozens of attacks, including Rocket Launchers, Starfall, Fire Owl Familiar, Exploding Eggs, and more!

- Self-Synergistic characters provide interesting combat and fun controls!

Who will you play as? Zack Bond, with an arsenal of Rockets, Bombs, and Jet Platforms? Xarn, with the power to command the stars? Demon Man, the master of confusion and fire? Or will you choose the Gremlin, adept at close-range combat... perhaps Rekd Eg, with his chaotic bouncing egg grenades? Or maybe the powerful "Dragon Friend" will be your choice, able to summon mystical animals to do his bidding, while being a powerful combatant with his fire breath.

Whosoever you choose, you will find thoughtful strategy combined with chaotic action in "El Duel de Death: Chaos Arena"!

-The Klik Factory

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Posted by Jerry Liang 25th December, 2002

nothing innovative... but good game none-the-less
Posted by poaniel 28th May, 2003

Brilliant idea work on the graphics a little (pristine)





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