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Steve and Alyssa's Adventure Engine Demo
Author: Steve T. Submitted: 4th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 87

This is a short, 1-level demo of my upcoming game. For screenshots, visit my website ( - as you know, Angelfire doesn't support remote linking).


Left/right: Move
Up: Read signs/enter doors
Down: Nothing yet, I'll add crouching
Shift: Jump
Control: Fire
1: Set weapon to stun
2: Set weapon to kill

The game's premise is, a group of teenage friends build a spaceship and go to some mysterious planet in the future (yeah contrived, I know). Their ship crashes in the planet, and all goes black. When things come back up, only two of the teenagers are there - Steve and Alyssa, boyfriend and girlfriend. Armed with their two-setting blasters, they set out to save their friends, and end up finding out that they've been kidnapped by the evil P'Seemofo, the alien ruler.

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Posted by Steve T. 5th December, 2002

Before I forget - you can't shoot while moving yet (I may change this, but it adds a bit of strategy to the game) and there are several sounds missing (such as pain sounds, bonus collection, and enemies). Constructive criticism, please. Any engine problems?
Posted by Broomie 5th December, 2002

you need to download winrar, i don't know where you get it from so just goto a search engine and type WinRAR, hopefully it will come up. It is mostly the same as Winzip classic.
Posted by thewreck 5th December, 2002

this is VERY VERY VERY similar to the commander keen series.. but without the pogostick and the introduction of the kill blast.. nice anyway
Posted by thewreck 5th December, 2002

this is VERY VERY VERY similar to the commander keen series.. but without the pogostick and the introduction of the kill blast.. nice anyway
Posted by Steve T. 5th December, 2002

I uploaded a ZIP version. WinRAR just has better compression (WinACE has the best but nobody uses it). (249K - not much bigger than the RAR version, but when the full thing comes out, it will make a difference)
Posted by Steve T. 5th December, 2002

Yeah, a lot of the features were inspired by Commander Keen... such as the doors you can go through (those were relatively easy to code) and the alien guy looks like the Yorp, only with three legs and no body or mouth. I'm still working on the enemies. The slope movement is even a little like Keen's: you move slower up slopes. But then again, Commander Keen didn't have jump springs or conveyor belts, eh? Eh?
Posted by matrixkitty 5th December, 2002

characters too slow, stun is same as kill except it takes 2 shots and kill takes one ( stun and kill both kill)
Posted by Steve T. 5th December, 2002

Why do you think the character's too slow? Maybe I'll add a run mode, but I like the pacing of it because if the character moves too fast, that makes it too easy to avoid enemies and such. Do you think I should add a run command with stamina or something? The character should move that speed at least SOME of the time. And that's the PURPOSE of the Stun shot - to do less damage than the Kill shot. I should rename it (low/high power maybe), but that was done on purpose.
Posted by Max 5th December, 2002

Nice engine so far, but I agree about how the characters should walk faster. I hope there'll also be tougher enemies to beat, too. ;) Pretty nice so far, keep up the effort. :)
Posted by Steve T. 5th December, 2002

Okay, made the characters faster. Also changed the Stun/Kill to High Power/Low Power and added stamina. Jumping and running (holding down / while moving) use stamina. I will update the file on my site some time tomorrow to recognize this. And yes, there will be LOTS MORE enemies. Just haven't finished drawin' 'em yet.
Posted by thewreck 6th December, 2002

i think the stun should instead of just beeing low, really be a stun, silimar to commander keen, but instead of they keep being dizzy, make them wake up in a minute or summin, and make the high damage more ammo expensive.. then later you can even make some enemies that cant be killed, mayby like moving stone blocks, that can only be stunned for a short while.. and the same the other way. some enemies that are immune to stun and must be killed. makes the game more varied in my opinion. just a low and high : 1 ammo 1 damage or 2 ammo 2 damage. seems really stupid. its just a stat change, and building a game upon numbers isnt really userfriendly, and doesnt make a good game experience.
Posted by Steve T. 6th December, 2002

Okay, in the next upload (you'll have to watch my website or something) I'll make it a real stun. This will be the same one with the increased speed, run, stamina, etc.
Posted by Steve T. 8th December, 2002

New version uploaded. Just redownload the archive to get it.
Posted by Steve T. 9th December, 2002

Ooh, forgot. / runs.





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