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Author: Patrice Cervellin Submitted: 12th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 246

A Real Time Strategie game from French Clikman !

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 (2 226kb )

Posted by Jason Orme 12th November, 2002

Posted by Patrice Cervellin 12th November, 2002

No comment, sorry, I'm french and I speak english like a spanich Cow! It's just my last game, Enjoy it ;)
Posted by Aurelien DAVIS 12th November, 2002

Salut...en tous cas ton jeu a l'air de tuer mais tu vas avoir du mal a te faire accepter dans la klik comm si tu le traduis pas...A ce propos je peux t'aider, je suis bilingue, si ça t'interesse ! En tous cas, je vais aller le tcharger !!!
Posted by Mårten 12th November, 2002

"Hi... So if you like don't translate your games it will like not be that accepted in the klik community. I could help you out though, I'm like bilingual so if you're interested mailto:yadayada ! And I won't be like asking for money, chump!" How's my french?
Posted by Yikes 12th November, 2002

Why can't many of you french people make ENGLISH games! Every french game is on french! Sorry for you that can't understand english for that's ok and I don't know french either. By the way i am norwegian and I don't make NORWEGIAN games! Sorry to complain but i just can't live with it!
Posted by Patrice Cervellin 12th November, 2002

Ok Ok calm down ! I will translate my game in english. But you can play to my game because it's very easely. Have a nice day ;)
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 12th November, 2002

Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, nice gfx.
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 12th November, 2002

eeeerrrhh... i don't see the point in this game. what are you supposed to do? anyway your gfxs is amazing
Posted by podius (Alan C) 12th November, 2002

what's wrong w/ french games? what if create-games was a french site? do u think u can make a game in french if french was the primary language of the klik community? jeez, not everyone in the world speaks english, many great games are japanese, and w/ multimillion dollar companies, it still takes up to 6 months into translation to english!
Posted by Made by NEWT! 12th November, 2002

well said podius... there are other languages out there other than english =)
Posted by Razorshark Productions 12th November, 2002

Keep in mind that FRENCH games are aimed at FRENCH people, you just have to look at Aali's reply to see why... I don't have anything against FRENCH, I also have family livin there.... It's just that if everyone start posting games in all kind of languages, it's gonna be a non-organized mess in no time... Besides all of this (as proved again by this game)the FRENCH are still to stubborn to learn a worldwide spoken language... Sorry of I cracked someone's feelings by lettin out my opinion on this...(apologises, he he he) World would be a better place if we could all understand eachother... ------------------------------------------------ Nice grapics Patrice, why is this your last game? Are you gonna quit with creating games? Greetz...8)
Posted by Toad 13th November, 2002

i don't understand you racism for the anothers languages. it is a liberty of internet to create an application in another language of english. i play to all game i find : japaness, norwegian, english, spanish, jamaican, marsian, klingon ... the french is my original language, i can't change that. what is your near problem ? the religion of the games créators ?
Posted by Muz 13th November, 2002

I prefer not to play games that I don't understand. No offense meant. Yeah, I know it takes some effort for you guys to translate, but's too much effort for me to learn yet another language. Especially for most klik games. Sure, French may be your original language, but English is an international language. English ain't my original language either, but I still use and try to master it.
Posted by radracerx 15th November, 2002

Posted by radracerx 15th November, 2002

AAH! It says Jeff Luke! Freaky! I'll be right back.. Ps. the game looks like Innerspace : Dr. Mario style.. I could be horribly wrong
Posted by Aurelien DAVIS 15th November, 2002

Toad, don't let it get on yer nerves...this is not racism...I don't care about the game being in english or in french as I'm bilinguist, but I can understand the other guys...Tho you all should learn to speak french, cuz I must say french clickers are getting more and more famous...Quality french klik rulez...Cheerz
Posted by Aurelien DAVIS 15th November, 2002

To Fernandes...Im not sure that french people are THAT stubborn...Anyways, I think that you english speakers are definitely much MORE stubborn about that,because ( no offense tho ) but you guys always seem to think that everybody can actually speak
Posted by Jon Chambers 20th November, 2002

Wow, is English really the international language? English is all I know, and I thought that anyone can get through on the net, in thier language. Anyway, I'm going to download the game now, can someone post all the info I need to know in English please?
Posted by Jon Chambers 20th November, 2002

That was all a little over my head. I don't think I'd understand the stratagy if it WAS in English.
Posted by silmamuna 30th June, 2003

I like those graphics...
Posted by KanoBlade 28th November, 2003

this is only an ENGLISH (language) click site.. no offence.. but why would you submit a french game here.. anyways i looks nice





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