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Paintball-5 level DEMO
Author: FLOZi Submitted: 24th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 93

Edited By FLOZi on 10/24/2002

A DEMO of my largest work, 5 levels of top-down Paintballin' action. A mix of TGF libraries and the odd custom sprite (very rare in this demo). The full version is so far complete to 13 levels of 15, with 2 add-ons planned too.
I thought I would release this to gain any helpful comments or bug reports. If lvl2 crashes, I will be sorely miffed, and I'm afraid it probably will, please keep trying as it doesnt do it every time.
Funnily enough when first making it the crashing problem started with lvl3, and every level thereafter, now i fixed that, its screwed up lvl2 somehow. It's next on the agenda to fix.

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Posted by FLOZi 24th October, 2002

John, go away
Posted by Simdrone052 24th October, 2002

try using origional graphics, no libs, and no rips 1- the library graphics suck really bad, and make the game look unprofessional 2- they make the file size humongous other then that, its, erm, ok
Posted by Joff 24th October, 2002

I'm entitled to my opinion flozi, and i agree with simdrone.. use your own graphics!, also PB sux
Posted by FLOZi 24th October, 2002

I started it 2 years ago, no way am i redoing all the graphics for this, and they look a damn sight more proffesional than I could manage. ...and John, shut up ;)
Posted by Simdrone052 24th October, 2002

Itts a fun game, but the graphics do need a little work. Mabye you could ask a talented artist for help. I just don't find games that have lib gfx very entertaining, because I have seen them all a million times. You seem nice, so, sorry if I sounded harsh...
Posted by FLOZi 25th October, 2002

hehe, later on, some custom sprites (and admitedlly some ripped ones :o) come into play to diversify it all up a bit. IMO, KNP libraries are poor, but TGF are quite goo, although I appreciate you've all seen them a million times before. Thanks for you positive comments :) you seem nice too mate.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 25th October, 2002

Um,this isnt anything like paintball. Im begining to question if youve ever even played it before.
Posted by FLOZi 27th October, 2002

Its an arcade game, not a simulation, if you died everytime your character was hit, you'd get miffed pretty quickly. It is not supposed to be true to life, just a fun arcade shooter, it just happens to be paintballs not bullets ;) and John, why not show these people Squid Wars?:P
Posted by Yuhkaz 2nd November, 2002

I quote: I started it 2 years ago, no way am i redoing all the graphics for this, and they look a damn sight more proffesional than I could manage. Seriously, you can redo graphics for a 5 level game. And even if you did them and they looked bad - at least you did them, instead of libraries.
Posted by FLOZi 28th November, 2002

its 13 levels man, 5 level is just the demo. TGF Libraries look proffesional, albeit overused, I don't care what you may think.





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