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HailBent DEMO 1.0
Author: MobilisNemo Submitted: 17th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 84

Originally a Games Factory game, it took me a month or two to transfer HailBent to MMF and make it into a full-fledged scroller. This is also my first MMF game.

Guide Hail Bob through this 3 level demo, find keys to open doors, get the magic shovel and show the "Cool Heads" and "Evil Snowy" who's boss!

Collect spinning snowflakes for 1-ups and discover secrets in every level.

At the title screen press any key to bring up the menu, then select keyboard or joypad control.

Keyboard controls -

cursor up arrow = up/shovel up
cursor down = down/shovel down
cursor left = left
cursor right = right
shift key = jump
z = attack

x + up = look up
x + down = look down

Joypad controls -

pad up = up/shovel up
pad down = down/shovel down
pad left = left
pad right = right
fire button 1 = jump
fire button 2 = attack

fire 3 + up = look up
fire 3 + down = look down

When you have the magic shovel hold down the attack button to charge up and then push up, down, left or right and release attack to launch a fireball!

If you get stuck on a puzzle in level 3 press 'ESCAPE' to restart the level.

Objects -

Note block - these give you hints
Snowflakes - collect 100 for 1-up
Gold - equal to 10 snowflakes
Shovel - attack enemies/break stuff
Shield - collect up to 6
1-UP - collect up to 99 lives
Key - match key color to door

Silver key - collect certain amount
of these to open exit!

Present - who knows what pops out!?
Switch - opens and closes gates

Tech talk -

The enemy AI is limited so far but the "Cool Head" knights will block themselves from your attacks.

Sound effects will probably be improved and in-game music will be added.

The multi-layer parallax scrolling and uneven landscape (hills) are some extra touches I added to create that "Super Nintendo/Arcade" feel.

The link takes you to my website where you can download:

HB fullscreen main file (971KB)
HB Windowed main file (1.07MB)

and one of the demo level modules approx. (1MB or less)

NOTE: you can't download level 2 and expect it to work, level 1 will give you a password to play level 2 and so on.

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Posted by Kagrama 17th October, 2002

Ack, MAJOR problem. You can't get past the opening screen in the fullscreen version. At least I can't.
Posted by zork25 17th October, 2002

Did you download the first level?
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 18th October, 2002

Graphics look cheerful! they`re nice.
Posted by Kagrama 18th October, 2002

You have to download the levels? Hooboy!
Posted by MobilisNemo 18th October, 2002

Yes, you have to get level 1 at least to run the game, I made it like this so I could release more levels as I go along.




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