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Bobbyville 2 Trailer
Author: NapalmDoom Submitted: 15th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 167

A short video containing in game shots of the latest Bobbyville works in progress.

Bobbyville 2 will play almost identicle to the first, for all you nostalgic fans. However, the game obviously sports much more lush graphics and augmented gameplay with features such as weather effects and a more lively environment.

Built from scratch, Bobbyville 2 is on a completely different engine from the original will offer a campaign mode with a 'free' mode aswell for classic gameplay.

Taking place over a series of islands in the middle of some fictional ocean, Environments can range from freezing winters to burning summers and everything in between. Aside from visual, you will hear in high quality audio the sounds of the Bobbyville world.

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Posted by Rhys Davies 16th October, 2002

Posted by Gongashplei 16th October, 2002

Woo! Trailers are the shit
Posted by HiredGun 16th October, 2002

OLOLOLOL this is great!
Posted by Simdrone052 16th October, 2002

WinMP caused an error in GTCODEC.dll then I tried using it in another player, but it didnt work either
Posted by NapalmDoom 16th October, 2002

I'd download the latest WinMP, otherwise I don't know what to tell you. It should play in Winamp3, but that might just use WinMP Codecs.
Posted by TS Team 18th November, 2002

Download's not working...
Posted by alibaba 14th May, 2003

Posted by Steve Swiftman 16th June, 2004

i wanna eat a sock dad
Posted by Tallas 3rd August, 2004

Erm how about you go smell paint son
Posted by FlameCritter 12th December, 2004

go to hell, borris
Posted by miclee 23rd December, 2004

Posted by miclee 23rd December, 2004

Posted by miclee 23rd December, 2004

FIX IT NOW!!please.......HURRY!
Posted by FlameCritter 10th April, 2005

i am this close to killing your grandfather . C . \___/




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