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Author: SToP GAP Submitted: 30th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 133

Roller is a challenging puzzle game from Apocalyptic Coders.

The player must roll the rollers to match up the colours on them to those on the goal grid, but this is not as straight forward as it sounds... The rollers are all connected to each other via a series of links, the nature of which can be altered by a set of buttons between the rollers - so rolling one roller may move others near to it!

Mind bending and very addictive!

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Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 30th September, 2002

sigh... I made a game called roller once... a skateboarding game... *tear* memories...
Posted by royal knight software 30th September, 2002

Rolling Rolling Rolling Keep Those Prices Rolling Roll On... The Rolling Song (lol Picking on a song i dont like i also think its a wal-mart song)
Posted by royal knight software 30th September, 2002

and whats the point of this?
Posted by SToP GAP 30th September, 2002

Er, it is a puzzle game!? :) What is the point of any puzzle game d:)
Posted by Gongashplei 30th September, 2002

To challenge the mind... but whats the point of any other game genre?
Posted by skn3 1st October, 2002

whats teh aim ? (did you mean?) i think tis explained, no .. ?
Posted by Simdrone052 1st October, 2002

Great game! Nice job stop gap!
Posted by SToP GAP 1st October, 2002

:D thanx m8!
Posted by DBack 1st October, 2002

LOL, I was just going to say, adam :)
Posted by Deathbringer 1st October, 2002

*would hum a rolling stones song but doesnt know one* XD
Posted by Beau 3rd October, 2002

Paint it Black
Posted by HOSJ 3rd October, 2002

AUGH! too... FRUSTRATING........ "come onnnnnn..... DOH" AHHHH its too hard :)
Posted by SToP GAP 3rd October, 2002

I'll give you a hint... Whilst the buttons immediately next to a roller affect how it moves other rollers around it.... combinations of buttons which are next to each other and a roller will differently affect how the roller moves other rollers around it. Keep trying! ;)
Posted by Tempyst 9th October, 2002

I voted for this on the GOTW thinking it was Adam's game, and then I looked at it... RELEASE A NEW GAME HAPPY DUCK




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