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Gta Example
Author: OOOPPPs Submitted: 26th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 644

This is an example of creating a game using a GTA style of view where the ppl and cars are sprite based and the buildings polygons (3d). My example just shows how to imitate this effect with multiple active objects. There is also other stuff for mass selection (but a very crappy one) and also basic scrolling.

arrows = scrolling
leftclick = select
rightclick = move person

well.. thats it.. my first submission... Not much to it, but it does look kinda neat (if i do say so myself= the gfx are all drawn by me.

-Tim (OOOPPPs)

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Posted by WesR 26th September, 2002

Jesus. This is excelent. I was downloading it expecting some more DC download section crap, but it literally blew me away. Great job!
Posted by The Chris Street 26th September, 2002

I agree, this is absolutely brilliant. shame if anyone made a full game it'd be huge cos of all the actives, but a great example
Posted by Deathbringer 26th September, 2002

F-ing hell, this is awesome!, i dont think i'll be using it for my actual GTA game though, 5-odd active objects for every building (in a 20000x20000 game area) might cause slowdown XD, but still, an amazing effect, well done ^-6
Posted by Oka 26th September, 2002

This is so cool! It's so easy! XD
Posted by MasterM 26th September, 2002

Not bad, man. I use this 3d effect in one of my projects, too. But why the hell do you give the peoples the cca file? Are you stupid (or am I just unfair). Now everybody can make a game with this cool 3d effect. Damn! Good luck with your game
Posted by c0n0nu0m 26th September, 2002

I don't think everybody can create a cool 3d game just because they have a cca. file. They must still have a great deal of knowledge. Anyway this is a great 3d effect. The best GTA style I have seen made with click!
Posted by Tigerworks 26th September, 2002

Looks OK but its quite clear it's just a couple of layers of actives stacked on top of each other and looks very obviously like that at some angles.
Posted by MasterM 26th September, 2002

am i the only one who know this trick since many years? c0n0nu0m I think they can. Maybe bad games but they can. Such guys will "destroy" this great effect but I hope that this will never happen.
Posted by 26th September, 2002

I think this is crap and you shouldn't even try next time. You're not special you're just a retard who wants fame. Go away.
Posted by 26th September, 2002

maybe some of you r jelous???
Posted by AndyUK 26th September, 2002

I think it is a good example but why do you have to select the bloke and click to move him if it is supposed to be like gta and if anyone had done this before so what? now we know the secret too!
Posted by Buster 26th September, 2002

This is pretty cool, Theres been a few tutorials doing the same thing as this, but I'd say this ones the best.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 26th September, 2002

DAMN!!!!!!! thats good! :) (really good)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 26th September, 2002

right, I finally noticed Podunkian doesn't actually like anything.
Posted by OOOPPPs 27th September, 2002

well, thx for the nice comments.. but actually Podunkian is kinda right(except the stupid bit =)), i posted on dc forums asking for zeniths version of this 3d effect, but no one had it so i took it up to myself to create one for my game.
Posted by Assault Andy 27th September, 2002

OMG This ROx, I thought it was gonna be another gta clone type thing This is AMAZIN!
Posted by Muggus 27th September, 2002

Awesome...very well done indeed...not really a GTA like's better! haha... The shame is that you probably couldn't make big levels using this effect! Just eye candy!
Posted by CYS 27th September, 2002

nice! I feel a bit jealous :P
Posted by Pete Nattress 28th September, 2002

VERY sweet, although if the level was too big it would be a tad slow. Great al the same.
Posted by Simon Elo 28th September, 2002

change screen size to 520x340, and it is much much faster! :)
Posted by Padster 29th September, 2002

And zens seems to run much better than this one too.
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 29th September, 2002

I think this example is the greatest of all GTA style games!
Posted by OOOPPPs 29th September, 2002

yea... thats cuz zenith's version is full screen running at 320 by 200... btw do u have a copy of it??? if so can u mail it to me??
Posted by Alex Scobell 30th September, 2002

Where do I get this extension it needs?
Posted by Alex Scobell 9th October, 2002

Ha! My computer is fast. So no matter what screen size I made it, it ran really cool!
Posted by fgdfgfd 6th December, 2002

does anyone know where i can get an example like this for the games factory
Posted by Werbad 20th August, 2003

Sweet but uses a lot of active objects on big levels...
Posted by toomanyideas 28th September, 2004

Damn well made.
Posted by ben mercer 29th April, 2005

This is good, but a little buggy, When you get to the edges of the playfield, if you keep pressing the arrow keys, the buildings continue to paralax. This can be solved by using a direct paralaxing calculation. As for a large game causing a large slowdown, it doesnt have to be that way. Simply have one object for each building, and make it create the paralaxed actives only when they should be in view, and destroy them again when they go out of view. Simple
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

Or you use sections on a way, such as runescape uses to reduce lag.
Posted by Harvest Sun O_O 5th July, 2006

The link doesn't work for me, but I'm desperate to try this out!
Posted by Disthron 3rd February, 2009

Dam, this was posted in 2006! I wish this site had it's own file hosting but I guess that would be a big strain on it's system.

Any way, the link is dead, any one wont to re-upload it?
Posted by vetmora120 10th April, 2011

Yeah, anyone want to re-upload the link? Pretty please... :3




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