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Dr. Wreflengo's Castle
Author: alperoz Submitted: 15th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 117

A PLATFORM + PUZZLE GAME by alper OZDIL - alperoz49 games

You are a character like quasimodo you are trying to find Dr. Wreflengo in a castle which full of puzzles to solve

Controls are very simple just left, right , up arrow and ctr
l all actions with one button open/use/activite...

This version is %15 of full game it will be finished late october

Size is not large so please everyone download enjoy and submit your comments


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Posted by alperoz 15th September, 2002

the link is not working try
Posted by alperoz 15th September, 2002

also screenshots on
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 15th September, 2002

eew, library graphics
Posted by Paul_James 15th September, 2002

yep those are all klik libs!
Posted by Izzerg 15th September, 2002

There is nothing wrong with libs. if you are lazy like me ;)
Posted by Alex Scobell 16th September, 2002

This game is not good I'm sorry it just isn't.
Posted by Assault Andy 16th September, 2002

I've seen those libs b4.
Posted by gareth 16th September, 2002

no offence but games with ripped lib gfxs suck, :)
Posted by alperoz 17th September, 2002

allright then i'm cancelling this project :)
Posted by 18th September, 2002

u have 2 be kidding with this,its like i stepped back in time to KnP,those were fun days
Posted by Metal Maiden 10th October, 2002

you don't have to quit it! Someone can make graphics for you if you're not good. We all started somewhere!





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