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PushBlock B
Author: Shen Submitted: 10th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 479

Hi This is my first real released game. It's a Sokoban clone called PushBlock B. The object of the game is similar - move your little red guy around 8 scrolling levels to push blocks to pads and reaching the exits. It can be quite tricky

I've tried to make the levels as different as I can - there are different colours, the music changes, and there's the inclusion of bonus diamonds you can collect for more points.

BTW, the screenshots don't look too great to reduce the file size.

That's all from me, tell me what you think!

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Posted by Trooper 10th September, 2002

The screenshots actually look pretty small and cool. Nice job. I don't have time to actually play it because of massive school work. My clicking time has been reduced to minutes a day (enough for me to check up on some sites including DC).
Posted by SoftWarewolf 11th September, 2002

why didnt u let me host the game also... im dloading at 0,2 kb
Posted by Tigerworks 11th September, 2002

This is one cool game!
Posted by Prototailz 11th September, 2002

That little red guy looks like that little blue guy in Lolo.
Posted by Dustin 11th September, 2002

The graphics look simple, yet strangely appealing. I must try this out.
Posted by BankBank 11th September, 2002

I liked this game alot.. keep up the good work
Posted by Dustin 11th September, 2002

You know what would make this game great? A reset feature, so I wouldn't have to start from level 1 when I make a simple mistake in level 7.
Posted by Lew 11th September, 2002

This is really addictive! :D Well done, although its very annoying sometimes
Posted by The Chris Street 12th September, 2002

This is VERY well done, one of the better klik games Ive ever played. Musics annoying though
Posted by AndyUK 12th September, 2002

looks great!
Posted by Anya 30th November, 2002

Brilliant game. Probably the best click game I've ever played - but then again I haven't played all that many!
Posted by Mitch M 23rd February, 2003

haha great one! Agree with Circy Though
Posted by Shen 19th May, 2003

Nobody reads this anymore
Posted by Shen 29th November, 2003

hahaha lol
Posted by Shen 12th March, 2004

Kitten police is a bitch, i have to wear my helmet when i get out of the house.





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