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Blobathon Two: Insert Witty Subtitle
Author: Mark Submitted: 27th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 188

Cartoon PLatformer, loads of extras, demos, full games etc, make sure u right click and save target as. LET THE FLAMING BEGIN!

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Posted by Mark 27th August, 2002

not sure if this works, if not try
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 27th August, 2002

Is this game even possible to beat? right at the first level there's a scream mask bloking your way and nowhere else to go.
Posted by 27th August, 2002

it looks wierd so I don't wanna DL it
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 27th August, 2002

Ah!, you can keep jumping after you hit it once. A help file would have been nice. This game is ok, though I hate Default Platform Engine and i hate midi music :P
Posted by DBack 27th August, 2002

This is one of the weirdest games I have ever played (I saw it on cafelite months ago)
Posted by gustav 27th August, 2002

limp bizkit? .________.
Posted by Mark 28th August, 2002

thnx Dback lol, and Gustav, sorry bout that lol. it wont happen again:) and Alpha, DONT JUDGE GAMES BY HOW THEY LOOK
Posted by 28th August, 2002

I still think it looks pretty wierd
Posted by Mark 28th August, 2002

Lol ok fair enuff.





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