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Bouncin' Billy
Author: Dustin Submitted: 12th January, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: platformer Downloads: 199

Edited By Dustin on 2/11/2003

ImageBilly Betcha was a normal kid trying to create a new science project when he stumbled upon a new type of rubber that could bounce forever. To show off his creation, he created 50 Super Bounce Balls to show and give to his friends, but on the way out of his garage, he tripped and the balls scattered everywhere. Now it's up to you to get them all back.

Bouncin' Billy contains 5 worlds, each with 3 levels, varying enemies, a high score board, and tons of secrets for you to discover.


Number of players - 1
Number of levels - 15+

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Posted by Bob 14th August, 2002

THis Is A ClassiC! You Climb Up Ladders Getting Stuff! A Truly Insprired Creation!
Posted by [ The Crookz ] 6th March, 2003

This game is accually kind of fun.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 14th April, 2003

WoW!!....climbing ladders (sarcastic) some people are just easily impressed. Or were you being sarcastic?
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 14th April, 2003

i'z iz gonna review dis now...
Posted by Cecilectomy 28th March, 2005

'tis thee oldest on thee list.
Posted by AndyUK 28th August, 2008

Hi guys, it's 2008 now.
Posted by Codemonkey 8th November, 2008







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