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Author: BankBank Submitted: 16th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 166

A great little puzzle game, featuring 16 fun, unique levels. Also features a level editor on my web page,

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Posted by Gibson 16th August, 2002

Cool I'm the first here!Anyway the games o.k EVERYONE OUT THERE TRY THE GAME ITS AN O.K!
Posted by desmondwall16 17th August, 2002

I agree the game is ok, very chalanging and worth the small download. =)
Posted by BankBank 17th August, 2002

thanks! :D
Posted by BankBank 20th August, 2002

Uh.. thanks Jim Biggs.. LOL.. but yeah he is right =)
Posted by vigge 20th August, 2002

im downloading :)
Posted by gGg 20th August, 2002

Fun! well worth a download
Posted by mrEkli [NewKlear] 20th August, 2002

Pretty good. But I got bored pretty fast. Oh well. Nice...
Posted by BankBank 20th August, 2002

Thanks everyone! Check out the level editor as well, if you are interested in adding to the game.
Posted by Nobuyuki 20th August, 2002

heh, somebody's impersonating me
Posted by Max 20th August, 2002

The game's good, but it got nothing pretty much outstanding. Review coming soon...
Posted by Nobuyuki 20th August, 2002

I'm continually amazed by the immaturity of some people :p
Posted by Phredreeke 21st August, 2002

Good game, very simple but fun. But you should put passwords between levels.
Posted by David Evans 28th August, 2002

The game needs a help file and an introduction
Posted by David Evans 28th August, 2002

Why does it come with an empty GF file?
Posted by eX Com 21st September, 2002

wheres the level editor?
Posted by David Evans 15th November, 2002

Er... my review should say: Overall: 7/10 I don't know why it says 1/10 :-?
Posted by Ecstazy 15th November, 2002

That could quite influence the game's grade :)






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