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Author: alfie Submitted: 24th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 68

An intense and dynamic game of skill,luck and nerve for 1to 2+ players. The game include a play by email feature. Feedback and reviews always welcome. Alfie.

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Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 24th July, 2002

First of all, why is the default install directory the start menu?! Anyway, the game - rather confusing at first, but reasonably fun once you get going. Not too sure about "intense" or "dynamic" though. I like the comprehensive stats feature, but that face is... scary.
Posted by alfie 24th July, 2002

I am using IMPro to install, it's a default macro to put it in the Start Menu so that it will install properly for those who do not have C as the main hard drive. Let me know if it causes you a major problem being in the Start Menu? It might get a bit more "intense" if you play the Team or Battle games in hard mode :) When my plastic surgery is complete, maybe just maybe the floating head wont be as scary! Glad you thought it was fun and you like the stats. Feedback always welcome. Alfie
Posted by alfie 24th July, 2002

Whoops...Forgot to mention. "Dynamic"...I use this description beacause as you play it's always changing, plus if you managed to loop to the next track in a game then it will be different from the one you have previously been on. Alfie
Posted by This Guy 26th July, 2002

waaaay too confusing! And plus it's shareware?!?! Please...not my type of game...and I love puzzle games! But this one...errr...I did not like...
Posted by Ravnos87 5th June, 2004

Confusing game. Also... your games listing... Jiggle, ... Jam, .... Slider??? I feel like I'm supposed to be dancing with a mop. :P





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