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Visagenjagd (2.033 KB)
Author: MYOG Software Submitted: 17th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 89

Shoot the evil visagen with your Shotgun down!
Cheats included.

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Posted by MYOG Software 17th July, 2002

Posted by gustav 17th July, 2002

Posted by zork25 17th July, 2002

Posted by This Guy 17th July, 2002

Yeah I think it was
Posted by Killerjedi 17th July, 2002

Posted by Tigerworks 17th July, 2002

You pasted your own image to a tutorial and uploaded it? Two seconds to make? Maybe three?
Posted by 17th July, 2002

Lol! This game is hilarious!
Posted by Mindstorms 17th July, 2002

hehheh...this is almost as hand crafted as his signt.....hehheh, (i got bored....)
Posted by danjo 17th July, 2002

hmm- well look on the bright side... atleast he's not trying to sell it - LIKE SOMEONE ELSE HAS DONE WITH LABOTOMY.
Posted by DBack 17th July, 2002

2.033 KB???
Posted by Fox (br) 18th July, 2002

This game is tutorial of Tgf.
Posted by NapalmDoom 18th July, 2002

Posted by MasterM 18th July, 2002

well done XD mu-ha-ha =) ;) *rofl* *lol*
Posted by 18th July, 2002

hey i had to reregister they deleted my acount saying it was because i used ZIP files for my using EXE now
Posted by 18th July, 2002

hey. you need more options.That way u can ajust the sound and graphics on the game.Im not saying your gams bad either its really cool.
Posted by MYOG Software 1st August, 2002

@ ALL: This Game is NOT a tutorial Rip. I have only ripped the backgrounds from. I have coded it alone, no code is ripped! The Tutorial Game was a fighting Game, not a "Mohrhuhn" like game!!!




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