Hello every1.

For those of you who are having problems with your icons or it you wanna use a gfx from your game that seems to be crippled by the tgf editor then don't worry lil old me is here to save you.

No.1 Your icon has gotta look good.

If your icon doesn't look good then many people may criticise it straight away but we all know you should never judge a game by its cover

No.2 If you wanna use an in game graphic for you icon keep it simple!

As you are only limited to 16 colours this can be a drag but never mind. If you really can't use 16 colours I have a solution!!!

No.3 If you want to use a graphic with more than 16 colours then use it.

You can use a program called resource hacker (don't worry too much about the name it's all legal which can replace the icon resources allowing you up to as many colours as you like. If you want more help with this then you can email my msn acount Teknogames@msn.com !

Also if you want any more information Klikmaster spent a great deal of time to make his article so you had beeter read his - can't take all the credit can I? - hehehe