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Project: Heart Forth, Alicia
Project Started: 6th September, 2007 Last Update: 6th December, 2007
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HEART FORTH, ALICIA is a Platform RPG Adventure which hopefully will remind people of the old days of Super Metroid and Castlevania. It's a story about revenge and redemption.


Just nearly after 30 years since the last conception, Alicia is born to Bonnen and Odderfor from the Ostias family. And sooner, rather than later, Blanca and Fabbon Ilmide conceive their first child and name him Höstra. Even though a supposed curse had befallen Brenia, a small little village in the territories of the wizard fellowship, no more pregnancies are soon to be heard of. Thus, Alicia and Höstra grow together as the only children in the village, always the former excelling the latter both intellectually and socially, always unintentionally tantalizing Höstra’s resentment towards her.
Adamant, Alicia’s good sense of friendship leads them both upon a small journey through the outskirts of Brenia, where the known bottomless precipice marks the difference between the Conqueror and Wizard fellowships. And Höstra, finally getting a chance to step-up, throws Alicia into the opening.
Not a handful of days had since passed, when the God and creator of it all emerges from behind the mountains, and for a strange reason, much to his convenience, chooses Höstra from among the peoples to represent his voice and will.


The game has the following characteristics:
-Original graphics
-Fluid animations
-A solid, custom engine
-Original music (or pseudo-original )
-Semi-non-linear gameplay

-An involving story
-7 magical powers at Alicia’s hand
-Around 15 special abilities (8 of which are not necessary to finish the game)
-A fairy (Ingrid) with 4 special powers
-Over 10 areas divided into around 15-20 rooms each.
-A night and day cycle which lets special events take place with more than 86,000 shades of light.
-The game will hopefully have around 5, 6 hours of continuous gameplay.
-I'm also working on a trailer/teaser which I mean to release rather soon.

The Heart Forth, Alicia website is . I'm keeping that as updated as I can, each update coming with a new screenshot.

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Posted 6th Dec 07, by X-Member90 2 Comments
The thing is going really slow (2 or 3 months of work = 12 minutes of if-you-know-what-you’re-doing gameplay). Oh, well. So much for a guy doing a game, neh? Regardless, I’m very satisfied with HFA’s first areas. Here’s a screen from a boss:

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