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Project: LangTrans
Project Started: 22nd January, 2005 Last Update: 22nd January, 2005
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Project Overview  
"The monkey says grenade."

Hi! Welcome to the moon. I've finally decided to put my magical theory on MMF language translation into action, and it's working pretty good!

This application will feature:
•Language Translation.
•The amazing, insane, etcetera creation of languages.

To make languages, you go to the language creator, and input both a word for normal, and for translated. I finally got that to actually work using the datablocks extension, which is made of feet. You can save and load the languages in the *.lng format, which is amazing. Of course.

In the translator app, you load a language, type some text in the entry box, and you can translate either to or from the selected language. It even shouts "BLAM!" when it translates something. Incredible, yes? Are you crying? You should be, bitch.

You will also be able to load a text file to be translated, or save the translation as a text file.

So far, I have input 1337 speak, al bhed, and half of a children's french dictionary. Quite tiring. I like taking breaks. Do you like cheese? Blargh!

Uh... I can't think of anything else to write... I feel like making some sorta "animation".


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