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Project: Dr Mephistex - Episode 1
Project Started: 13th January, 2005 Last Update: 13th January, 2005
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Project Overview  
Heretic Emu Studios presents (Yes, we do still exist)

A Paul Jeffries Game


Dr. Mephistex didn't want much from life. All he wanted was to overthrow the governments of the world and rule as emperor of the galaxy. Now, though, his goody-two-shoes nemesis, Zip Murphey, turns out not be be quite so good after all. He's stolen Dr M's plans. He's stolen his most stupid henchman. He's stolen his army of robotic clones. And, to cap it all, he's going to use them all to take over the world for himself. In a twist of fate, the only man who can stop him is Dr Mephistex, and he's currently tied up dangling over a pit of spikes.

If he wants to take over the world, first he has to save it.

Dr Mephistex is an adventure platformer in which you must guide the evil doctor through an epic tale of woe, courage, retribution and natty green jumpers.

- Leap, swim, crouch, walk, roll, backflip, wall-jump and wize-crack your way accross eight huge levels.

- Face enemies such as the robotic legions of Cyclones, the ghastly flesh-eating zombies, the ferocious pirak fish and the, er, mildly irritating seagull.

- Grab power crystals to enable new abilities, and use them to power up an array of strange machinery.

- Talk to the highly bizarre inhabitants of Dr M's world, and find out why it isn't really worth saving after all.

Note: Originally, this was going to be a much larger game. However, due to MMF being, shall we say, cack, I'm unable to go any further at the present time. The doctor's adventures will continue, therefore, in some form of sequal.

Super-snazzy (but quite old) trailer at:

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