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Project: Torleif 3 - Maddoc's Revenge (working title)
Project Started: 8th January, 2005 Last Update: 8th January, 2005
Project Owner: Martin Liland Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This is the third installement of the platformer games about the living bomb called Torleif. This third game is a platform adventure game like the first game was, unlike the second installement which was a multiplayer only deathmatch game.

In this game Torleif is again accidentally transformed into a bomb by his mad friend Professor Maddoc. The evil Dr. Flame has stolen the fuel-bottles from Professor Maddoc, which are needed to get the transformation-machine work and transform Torleif back to normal. Torleif has to enter The Firedimention - Dr. Flame's perilous domain - to reclaim all the fuel-bottles. It's off on a new dangerous adventure for Torleif!

This time around Torleif can pick up items around the stages and use them to beat certain foes or get past obstacles. He is also armed with waterballoons to set the evil candle-men and other flamy creatures of Dr. Flame's doing out of business.

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