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Project: Death By The Threat(TM)
Project Started: 15th March, 2004 Last Update: 15th March, 2004
Project Owner: =FrAgGy9100= Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Death By The Threat(TM):
This project started 4 years ago in year 2000. We updated it so it begins with the Never Forget-accident, the fall of WTCs. And the game is not only a game: its a story of an man who is trapped in WTC and survives, but doesn't know that he's dealing with the Mafia...its real that it has 3500 levels, all in one game. Its a HUGE game. The game is cut into 2 parts. The Mafia campaign, where you survive the WTC fall and ACCEPT the Mafia's deal, and the Police campaign, where you survive the WTCs fall, but dont accept the deal and goes to tell it to polices. The musics are directly maked with different programs. Bass made with Dance Ejay 4, the rock directly from guitar, and some special music effects made with Audacity. Its not only one man who is behind this, its a team with 12 programmers, and all this made with MMF. The game is really simple: Shoot & survive, without messing with Mafia/Polices. Trailer is coming soon, and it introduces some shooting, car robbering and the WTC accident. All this. NO LYING. Screenshots are coming soon, that one we are sure. Weapons are all different. 120 weapons to choose for, they are all split 60 and 60 (For polices and Mafia). We have nothing to lie, so we introduce our team:

Idea: **StArA**
Moderators: **StArA** and ((OneWhoHasThePower))
Beta testing and quality: =FrAgGy=, .:MeMpHiS:. and /ShOt\
Storyline: =FrAgGy= and **StArA**
Some others helping with us...whole team introduced at the game.
Tomi Lindberg as Mafia Boss
Nicolas Wood as Policeman Mike
**StArA** as The Killer
.:MeMpHiS:. as The Man
And some others as people voice....

So, here's a little preview of it. Screenshots will be posted when the BETA testing ends.

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