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Project: Tree House of Horror (Pre-Release Preview)
Project Started: 10th March, 2004 Last Update: 10th March, 2004
Project Owner: Retired Kliker Lazarus Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Time for the final preview for Tree House of Horror!
One day in a small town everything is quiet...But all of a sudden, a giant tree with a fort attached to it (its a tree-fort ) sprouts out of the ground, (smashing many houses around it to peices, by the way). A young kid and his friends have been trying to build a good tree-fort (there's was really crappy), and so they go into the Tree...only to find its haunted! WOO! So the bravest of the kids, Billy, decides to clear the house of evil. He will uncover the reason why its haunted as well...Can he get out alive? I dunno, it depends on if your good at really hard games or not!
It inculdes:
-13 hard, platforming levels
-2 tough bosses to defeat!
-6 types of enimies, all hand drawn!
-Cool, original backrounds!
-A Mcburger of the Damned!
-3 Alternet endings for the game: 1 happy, 2 twisted!
-Cut scenes (at the boss)!
-Cheat codes!
-God Mode!
-Secret levels, incuding "KILKING OF HORROR" in which you're in IN THE PIT, PEANUT THE PENGUIN 2, AND MORE!
-An extra game inculded: The Original Kilk Classic, "PEANUT THE PENGUIN 2!
-A save game feature!
-An original engine!

This game is going through final testing. The saving features is being added, and the game itself is being touched up. Soon it will be finshed. P.S. (I am now a member of not only Caprice Vision (my company), but I am also part of Neonair (Snerlin's company) so it will be posted there as well. Go to (I'll soon be moving to a more relible host, and have a new desgine, acutally made by me), and/or!

If the screenies don't work, (its because of stupid downloadz !) copy and paste these to your adress bar!,,,,,,,,,

See you!

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