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Project: A Megaman NES-like game!
Project Started: 22nd October, 2003 Last Update: 22nd October, 2003
Project Owner: Astral_86 Project Members:
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Project Overview  

This is a preview of a Megaman game I am right now working on. It looks exactly like the NES, which I personally think is good. The only graphics which is ripped is the original character, Megaman...the rest is 100% by me.

I have no idea what name this Megaman game will is possible that the name will have with the story to do, when I'm done with the story. (Haven't started with that yet)

A demo of this game is estimated somewhere around November - December. The purpose of making this preview with only 1 screenshot is because I want to know if you guys really wants this game...the more popular this review will be, the more I want to finish this game. If this review doesn't get popular at all, it is possible that I wont even continue at it.

Enjoy the screenshot! I hope you will think that this game is going to be very, very good!

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