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Project: Evil Dead: The shadows in the darkness
Project Started: 18th October, 2003 Last Update: 18th October, 2003
Project Owner: aaron_brammer Project Members:
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Project Overview  
I realized my old Evil dead game was in impossible dream, well entirely possible but I decided on a better path and by the time I did, I had already done too much on a game that was very unplayable, so I've decided to take the rogue maverick path and completely redesign the whole thing.

Story- Based on the movie "The Evil Dead", about a group of doomed cabin goers stumbling across the deadly necronomicon and falling victim to its power, it starts as Scotty and Ash have found Prof. Knowby's old tapes, they play them then bickity bam they awaken the dark spirit of the woods.

Gameplay- You get to play as THE evil, THE shadow, THE dark spirit. The goal of the game is to kill Linda, Ash, Scotty, Sherryl and Shelley before dawn, quite difficult as we all know Ash is a badass. You start as basic spirit with ten power points, which can be used for saying "join us" and luring people from place to place. Over time your power points increase, while Ash's and everyone elses sanity level drops, your power level increases faster and faster. You can use these power points to;

Create shadow- Use this to break things like bridges(vital for trapping people), possess people, possess animals, possess trees(good for scaring poor Sherryl) and possess household objects. Break mode does stuff like pushes trees over and smashes windows, just like in the film. Hehe, Possess someone when they're in a room with someone else to really bring the fear up.

Scare- Increase peoples fear and lower their sanity for more power, not very effective when you're basic spirit.

If you have your shadow on possess mode and you run into a person with high enough fear and low enough sanity, you can possess them and use them as deadites for attacking and murdering your friends. As a deadite, you shall be able to use any weapon available, with the default attack being strangle, you can leave a deadite idle (appears human so no one attacks him) when you wanna move on or leave him on auto(with the AI of a headless chicken).

Graphics- I'm using the snes style graphics I used when I made Texas chainsaw massacre (I did not rip any sprites for that game, although I did for freddy vs jason), only these ones are far more detailed. I have it so that once any of the characters get to a certain level of health, theyre sprite changes to a bloody wounded wretch of a person, neat little touch...

I've completely recreated the whole Knowby cabin area, down to the puddle Ash falls in at the beginning of Dead by dawn.

So far I've done just about all the map, got the whole control system down and most the character graphics, I'll just be polishing for a while. This is the first game where I've sorta planned things before I dove in and made it, so I've worked within the boundaries of TGF and gotten things done alot faster than my previous efforts.

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