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Project: Springer the begining
Project Started: 17th October, 2003 Last Update: 17th October, 2003
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Project Overview  
Springer the begining

c.j game's

created by chris smith

Springer's back and better than ever. The game is based around the cavemen time which you have to do a number of task's to complete the level's. For instance jumping off flower's to rock's to collect bone's for cavemen. One of the task's in an early level is where you have to get a cavemans club from the top of a cave. He help's you by throwing spear's into the edge of rock's because you can't jump high enough to get on top of the cave.Which you
then jump onto each spear to get on top of the cave.

There's much more to do than in Springer the wrath of scratch and has a better stroy line. Also some of the graphic's are taking out of Springer the wrath of scratch.
more music for example Alladin. Springer is now faster and can jump higher. Springer now has live's to make the game harder allthough this game springer the begining isnt aimed for a tough challenge just preparing you for upcomming game's.

Im also trying to stop all place's where springer get's stuck which so far im succeeding.I am trying to make this springer game one of my best which mean's. I spend about an hour on making a level, 20 min's on event editor and step through editor and about 10 to 15 min's on checking the level has no bug's no way's of cheating which sometime's i do in other people's game's when i get stuck and smooth and fun gameplay.

New and improved thing's.

* Better story line
* All bug's fixed so far
* Music aimed for the type of level
* More fun gameplay
* Smoother springer also jump's higher
* Better thought out level design


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