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Project: Learning HTML
Project Started: 16th October, 2003 Last Update: 16th October, 2003
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Yes, I know, its another HTML Editor! But, wait... theres something added that makes it somewhat more better than the usual HTML apps you see. Learning HTML comes with a built in HTML Editor, which I may say is pretty good Also, a built in web preview option.. nothing fancy there.. but, it comes with some decent tutorials, scripts and codes to let those who haven't got a clue about HTML use it. The most handy part is that you can easily and effortlessly see how something is done from selecting it on a list located on the left of the screen, e.g. creating tables, changing font size etc without hoaking through books. Once you read up on how to do it you can type it in the HTML Ediotr.. or for those lazy people out there.. copy and paste. and for the extremly lazy.. yup, you know who you are.. Ctrl+c/v. Anyways, I created this program and tutorils from my own research, believe it or not a week ago I didn't know any HTML.. and now, I've made a program! Wow! But, dont be put off, I was a newbie when making the tutorials up, so I find I explain them a little more simplers to make it easy to understand. I'm still learning HTML myselft but a good amount of the work has been done so far! I do insist you keep a check on my site for more info on the app, and soon, screens which I currently cannot be bothered to do right now? Why.. I got school tomorow and I gotta go to bed... (Web site still under construction and some of which might look a little, well, 'iffy' but tomorow I'll fix it up more, I do promise!)

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